Saturday, May 18, 2013

Depressed While Pregnant - Why Is That? (part two)

At first there was thought that a pregnant woman could not suffer from depression. Nowadays it has been shown, that it is possible and even dangerous.
More women suffer from depression while pregnant than we could imagine.

What is even more important to know is that some women are more likely to get depressed than others. Why is that? Well it all depends on various factors, like: depression in the family history,
problems in relationships or other personal matters, complications with the baby, other miscarriages or just that they are not ready to have a baby yet.

Depression, like all other illnesses has symptoms. So here are some clues that could indicate if one is suffering from depression. If someone is feeling sad, or guilty or just comes to think that there is no
hope left in the world for him, this could mean depression. If this sadness lasts more than 2 weeks, and is accompanied by some other clues, the person is definitely suffering from depression.
Other clues could be: sleeping problems, eating disorders, like loss of apatite, problems concentrating, mood swings or even thoughts of suicide.

So as you can see, this is nothing to take easily. There could also appear complications at a pregnant woman, because of this state. It is believed that a pregnant woman that suffers from depression will want to live
a solitary life and not want to seek help. will abuse alcohol, even drugs and will end up hurting both herself and the baby. This is the reason why, one should ask for help and use treatment as soon as possible.

so, if a women decides to seek help and treat her depression, what actually happens? Well there are various ways of treatment. The first and most common would be the psychotherapy, because it does not endanger neither the mother
nor the baby. This works by trying to find why this happened and start from there.

There is also the case in using antidepressives, but this is very risky. Using such drugs can lead to miscarriage. It is best to ask more doctor' s opinion before taking antidepressives.
One antidepressive used to be given has been discovered to be very dangerous. Scientists found out that this drug can give the fetus heart disease, hypertension, lung problems, trouble eating. So as you can see, it is best to consult as many people as possible
before taking such a decision, but use treatment.

And if one has given birth and thinks she is off the hook where depression is concerned, think again. Most women suffer from postpartum depression, which has the same symptoms. But this is another subject.

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