Thursday, May 16, 2013

Severe Depression - The Worst of Its Kind?

Severe Depression occurs when the illness is in its worse stages. Too many Americans will not seek help for this disorder until it is so severe that it takes years to bring under control. Depression of some type afflicts 15 million people in the USA annually. Medical attention will only be sought by about 4.5 million of these people. They try to hide it, wish it away, because of fear of being labeled crazy or insane. The problem is that Sever Depression will not be wished away. The condition gets worse and those afflicted will lose control.

Many Americans are too ashamed to admit they are afflicted. Severe depression does not make you sub-human. It doesn't make you less of a human. Depression is a disease like any other disease. Medical care is needed. The normal symptoms of depression are multiplied in severe cases. The illness and its effects get much much worse. It becomes harder to deal with every day situations. Negative feelings intensify to make you a total loner. This disease can't be avoided. Treatment is possible. Attacking it in its early stage is a key.

The ability to identify the symptoms associated with depression is essential in the process of diagnosis and treatment. Depression is associated with many symptoms. A transparent one is that the sufferer will withdraw into themselves. Dealing with other people becomes too difficult. They cannot overcome their feelings of guilt, hopelessness and uselessness. They always seem angry and short tempered. In some cases of severe depression people claim to hear evil spirits whispering in their ear. Suicide often becomes a way out for victims of severe depression. It takes treatment and a great deal of support from loved ones to help people with the disease..

Severe depression is terrible. Those who suffer it cannot live normal lives, as they once knew it. There is no feeling like the feeling of losing self-control. Hope is slim, but treatment is hope. Typically, anti-depressants and 'talk therapy' are prescribed to treat depression. There are also many support groups available to assist these individuals to adjust in society. Once victims seek treatment they can be put on the road to a better life. They can again be the ruler of their own domain. But first the illness must be admitted and treatment sought.

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