Wednesday, May 15, 2013

6 Tips For Dealing With Depression That You Can Hang Your Hat On

The word depression is linked with various feelings that people go through under certain situations. Feeling down or sad, tired, taciturn, pains, lack of sleep i.e. insomnia etc are some of the symptoms of depression. Beating depression is possible if you are ready to take a few steps towards fighting depression naturally.

Depression brings negative thoughts along with it. If you really want to come out of depression, start thinking positively. Try to engage your mind in some activity that you like to do, like reading, swimming, solving puzzles etc. This way you mind will be pre occupied with something giving it no time for negative thinking.

  1. Never sit alone at house. There are so many support groups that help people come out of depression. Join one such group. Share your experiences with other group members. Listen to others' experiences. That will give your mind a power to fight depression.

  2. Adapt healthy eating habits. Foods that are rich in Omega 3 are considered the best when it comes to elevating your mood. Stay away from fatty, unhealthy fast food as it increases the sad feelings.

  3. It is very necessary to workout regularly. It has been proved that regular exercise can help in lifting your mood when you are depressed. Increased heart rate and good blood flow refreshes mind and body giving rise to positive thoughts.

  4. Diary writing is a good habit especially when you are depressed. It helps you keep trail of your emotions. When you read your diary next day, it will give you a fair idea about your emotions and feelings and will give some relief from tensions.

  5. It is proved that if you go for morning walks, the early morning sun rays will help increase serotonin i.e. a chemical that increases the happiness in the mind. Going for walks will help you improve your psychological and physical health at the same time. It will boost your moral and keep you away from sad and depressing thoughts.

  6. Do not sit alone in front of the television. Try to mix up with your friends and family members. The more you stay with people; there are more chances of your beating depression naturally and quickly.There will be at least one activity that you enjoy the most. It may be painting, reading, playing some musical instrument etc. Try to keep your mind busy in any such activities. It is said that 'empty mind is devil's workshop'. Do not let your mind be a devil's workshop. If you keep it unoccupied then there are more chances of suicidal thoughts coming into your mind and making you more depressed.

Follow above mentions ways to fight depression naturally and you will certainly be able to come out of depression. Always keep your mind occupied. Speak to your doctor, friends or family members. It will relieve some of your tension. If the marital problems are the main reason behind your depression, try to solve the issue tactfully so that you can save your marriage and cure depression naturally.

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