Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to Get Diagnosed With Depression

Depression is a serious illness but every type of depression can be treated. But the main problem is how to get diagnosed with depression? The following points can help you in getting diagnosed with Depression.

  • How to diagnose Depression

Depression can't be diagnosed by any laboratory test. Depression can only be diagnosed by your symptoms traced out by your doctor. You and your family's medical history are also underlying factors.

  • Types of Depression  

In order to diagnose depression it is very essential to understand the difference between the different types of depression and their symptoms too. Mainly depression falls into two categories - Major and dysthymic.  

  • Symptoms of Depression

If you are experiencing 4 or 5 of these symptoms within the period of 15 days especially sad mood, loss of interest, fatigue, lack of concentration, poor sleep, poor appetite, bad memory and irritability, that means you are suffering from depression. But these symptoms should not be caused by any illness, drug abuse and medication.  

  • Can a screening test diagnose Depression

A screening test alone can't diagnose depression completely. But it can help you to a great extent to get familiarize with the symptoms of depression. It helps you to decide weather you need a professional help or not.  

  • Whom to Consult

If your screening test indicates that you are suffering from depression, you must visit a doctor as soon as possible. Now, surely you will ask what kind of doctor you should visit. You must go to a psychiatrist in place of your family doctor or a physician.  

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