Saturday, December 21, 2013

Agitated Depression - The 6 Unique Symptoms

Most people have never heard of agitated depression but it does exist. It reveals itself in a way that is indicative of its name - moods of irritability, short temper and aggravation. Often times the condition presents itself as an anger management issue as the individual will have outbursts of anger and rage.

Often times, the underlying feeling that they have is that they are misunderstood and that no one knows how they are feeling. This type of depression is a hypo-manic depression meaning they exhibit hypo-manic behavior.

Even in cases of other depressions, such as major depressive disorder, there can be levels of irritability, aggravation and agitation. However, when it comes to agitated depression, these moods are enhanced and more pronounced. Moods of irritability and agitation are just a few of the classic symptoms of agitated depression. There are many other symptoms as well and understanding them will make it easier to understand and diagnose. It's important to note that these symptoms also present themselves in cases of manic depressive disorder so sometimes diagnosing can be a bit tricky.

The assumed anger management issues also pose a problem, as professionals may wrongfully diagnose a manic depressive disorder or agitated depression and prescribe antidepressants unnecessarily. This can result in amplifying things whereby the agitation and symptoms of depression actually worsen. This also increases the thoughts and risk of suicide.

When someone has agitated depression it can be quite serious and the characteristics and symptoms can be mild in nature or become quite severe. The severity of the depression and angry outbursts really depend on the individual themselves. This type of depression is more prevalent in middle age to elderly people however it has been diagnosed in younger individuals as well.

There are a variety of symptoms that you should look out for if you suspect someone is suffering with this form of depression. Often times the person will be "antsy" and have a difficult time sitting still or staying in one place for too long. They also have serious, spontaneous mood swings where they will be calm, cool and collected on minute then have an emotional or physical outburst the next. Violent verbal outbursts are also a possibility.

Below you'll see a list of other symptoms that may present themselves as well.

  • Tearing or pulling at the clothing

  • Intense feelings and thoughts

  • Endless thoughts and movement which are essentially without base

  • Talking nearly continuously

  • Wringing of the hands

  • Violent verbal outbursts.

If you, or someone you know, are/is experiencing some or all of these symptoms then you should consider contacting a professional for a thorough evaluation and diagnosis. As with many other types of depression, agitated depression can be successfully treated. The treatment plan may include antidepressants, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or in severe cases admission to a depression treatment facility. Bottom line is that there is hope for anyone suffering with depression. The key is to acknowledge that there may be a problem, seek out support from a professional and embark on a successful treatment plan.


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