Thursday, May 16, 2013

Curing Depression Naturally Begins With Asking The Right Questions

Despite what the pharmaceutical companies may try to tell you, curing depression naturally is not impossible. In fact, it can be the most effective way and quite possibly the only way. Let me explain...

Antidepressants serve a purpose, indeed. However, they are like a set of crutches. They sure can be handy. But, they won't heal your broken ankle. Your doctor may need an X ray of your foot to determine how bad you've broken your ankle, and may have to readjust it before she puts a cast on it. After she does this, then and only then do the crutches make sense!

Curing depression naturally involves 'taking X rays' and finding out what is going on inside your body. Your doctor may need to run some internal tests to figure out what's going on inside of you. Too often doctors simply prescribe an anti depressant without getting to the bottom of what's causing it. What if you need counseling to deal with disappointment or discouragement? What if you are not simply getting the nutrition you need?

What are the 'X rays' needed in curing depression naturally?

The tests that need to be run are holistic. Depression can be caused by many different areas of our lives.

  1. We need to test our emotional well-being. What are we sad, mad, and glad about? Are we expressing these emotions or bottling them up?

  2. We need to test our physical well-being. Are we getting enough exercise, fresh drinking water and fresh air? Are we eating the proper nutrients?

  3. We need to test our mental well-being or our mental patterns and habits. Do we err on the side of pessimism? Do we beat ourselves up?

  4. We need to test our spiritual well-being. Where do we put ourselves in this world? What is our purpose?

Once you take these tests on yourself, you begin to find some clues and only then does curing depression naturally begin to take place. There is hope! You are worth it!

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