Friday, May 17, 2013

Characteristics of Manic Depression

Manic depression is also commonly known as bipolar disease. It involves alternating mood swings that range from a high point known as mania, down to a low point known as depression. The reason that it is also known as bipolar disease is due to the mood swings from the high pole to the low pole. At times a person with bipolar disease will experience dramatic switches in their mood very rapidly. It is more common that a person will manic depression will experience these mood swings in a gradual manner. One of the problems that people with this disease have to contend with is that this disease can affect their ability to think clearly, also it can affect their judgment. A more serious affect is when their social behavior is altered by bipolar disease. It can cause embarrassing and serious problems in a social setting. Manic depression is a chronic condition that is reoccurring, but with proper treatment, it can be a manageable disease.

Some characteristics of the more severe episodes that a person with manic depression may encounter are psychotic symptoms. Some of the more common of these symptoms include hallucinations, such as hearing things or seeing things that are actually not there. Another severe characteristic of a person with this disease is delusions. Delusions can cause a person with bipolar disease to believe in certain things that normal logical reasoning would otherwise not believe in. Psychotic symptoms may involve that person believing that someone has special hero like powers, or someone is a president or king from another place. Normally these types of symptoms happen during the high point of their mood swing. Some characteristics of a person that has bipolar disease can also involve a delusion of worthlessness, guilt or believing that someone is in terrible trouble. These symptoms normally occur during the low point in their mood swing. Not all characteristics are severe. In fact, most characteristics can include irritability, trouble sleeping and not being able to sit still. On the depression side of milder characteristics of manic depression can include not wanting to socialize, not wanting to talk and feeling sad and blue.

Manic depression does have some characteristics that are nothing more than a myth. Many people think that a person can not have a normal life with it or that they can not get better. The truth is that many people that have bipolar disease have a successful career and a happy family. Another myth is that manic depression only affects their mood. It can also affect their sleeping habits, ability to concentrate, energy and appetite. While medicine is a popular treatment for manic depression, there are self help things that can be done. Manic depression symptoms can be controlled by regular exercise, plenty of sleep and eating right, just to name a few. Living with bipolar disease can be challenging. With the right treatment, coping skills and an excellent support system, a person with manic depression can lead a normal and happy life.

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