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Symptoms, Causes and Fast Effective Treatments For Mania Depression

Bipolar disorder or mania depression is usually categorized under two disorders: Bipolar 1 disorder and Bipolar 2 disorder. The first type of disorder is evidenced by elevated moods for at least 5 days, sudden talkativeness, lack of need to sleep, constant flight of ideas and so on. On the other hand, Bipolar 2 disorder sufferers go through depressive moods with the minimum of 1 hypomanic episode and can seriously disrupt the social life of the sufferer because of constant erratic mood swings.

There are medical theories that bipolar disorder is caused by chemical imbalances in your brain or simply uncommon thyroid hormone levels. If you noticed anyone experiencing mood swings from being severely depressed to extreme states of happiness and vice versa, it is vital you track such periods and note the duration and severity. Early detection helps the sufferers from spiraling down to suicidal thoughts and can achieve faster effective treatments.

Fast Effective Treatments For Mania Depression

Cognitive behavioral therapy has long been hailed as one of the most effective treatments for mania depression. It supplies you with the right tools to view your problems or situation from different perspectives. Essentially, any events or situation that may seem good or bad, relaxing or stressful is totally based how you appraise them.

For example, you might be getting a promotion at work and you have every right to feel happy about it. But what if the exact same situation means more work and time away from your family and could result you in thinking about the future commitments you have to make; thus causing unnecessary stress. By doing something in a more positive and empowering way, psychotherapy enables you to view any situation in positive light by taking responsible actions and therefore positive results will follow.

If you feel your burdens or projects are too huge to handle, simply break them into smaller segments and work on them diligently. Write down your successes no matter how minor you deem them to be and give yourself a pat on the back. This will induce a sense of achievement and you will quickly increase your self-confidence and esteem. By doing something different and getting positive results, you are once again in control of your life and can defeat this mental illness fast and permanently!

Natural Herbal Remedies For Mania Depression
Natural herbal remedies are considered to be very safe and affordable compared to prescription drugs as they come with fewer side effects. Among the more effective remedies are St Johns Wort, Siberian Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Valerian Root and so on. Each herb has its unique beneficial effect on your body for treating depression. Find one that works for you is an action you must take. For example, St Johns Wort is perhaps the most well known natural anti-depressant herb as it has similar results as tricyclic prescriptions but with fewer side effects. However, everything should be taken in moderation and should not be taken with drugs without consulting your physician.

Omega 3 Supplements
Many people indulge in diets which contain low fat, thus depriving their bodies of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3. Your body cannot produce these fatty acids, so you must either take supplements or include foods which are rich in Omega 3. These fatty acids are vital for healthy construction and formation of your brain's nerve cell membrane. The nerve cell functions depend on proper function and fluidity of the membrane, and lacking of it will have a drawback effect on your behavior, mood and mental focus. Luckily, Omega 3 can easily be found in flax seeds, black currant and fish oils, as well as egg yolks, salmon and cod. Depression studies have shown that decreased intake of omega 3 correlates with higher rates of depression in the global population.

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