Friday, May 17, 2013

Dealing With People With Depression

Dealing with people with depression is not easy. They are negative and absorbed in their own thoughts, worries and fears, and seem to refuse to come out of it. Communication with them is almost impossible. They might even try to get you to leave them alone by saying hurtful words and doing hurtful actions, even though they might not mean it. This is the most difficult period of time for their loved ones and the people surrounding them, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Depression is very difficult to define. Different people will define depression differently. Most people might think that a person who is sad all the time and has a terribly negative attitude to be suffering from depression. So they would be shocked to hear that the person who is always positive and seemingly happy, commits suicide, and the negative person is still around! Depression is not easy to diagnose, and is very different for each person.

People who are in severe depression for a long time should go and see a psychiatrist. Mental illness is a disease much like any other disease. There should be no stigma or shame in going to see a psychiatrist. Admitting that you need help is the first step towards recovery.

Clinical depression is a serious mental disorder. People diagnosed with this illness will find it hard to maintain jobs or relationships. They tend to look at the glass half empty, which is an old cliche but rings true with those who suffer from depression.

It can be frustrating for loved ones dealing with people with depression. People suffering from clinical depression will most times refuse help, preferring to wallow in their own dark thoughts and emotions. It can be tempting to just want to ask the person to just "snap out of it", but this could make things worse.

A person who is clinically depressed cannot just "snap out of it", although they know all the facts that you might have tried to reason with them to come out of it. This condition might be caused by an imbalance in their brain chemicals, and it is an illness, just like cancer is an illness. It does not just disappear overnight.

Trying to push a person with depression further might make him feel even more useless and unworthy, and it might push him towards suicide to end it all. Loved ones and caretakers of clinically depressed people should use a lot of gentle love.

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