Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Over Analyzing - Are You Guilty of It?

You start thinking about something you need to do, something that has happened, or something that could happen. You start analyzing, the you examine it again and again. This becomes like compulsive and a bad habit.

What are the signs of over analysis?

The nagging thoughts that race through your mind can be over analysis. Being over critical over things you or others said or did is another sign. You will begin to see problems in everything with enough analysis which will prevent you from doing anything. This one is commonly known as analysis paralysis.

Can over analysis cause health problems?

It can make you depressed, because in being over critical of yourself or others means you are constantly finding faults not the joys. The racing thoughts and repeated analyzing makes you feel stressed and worried and then makes the over analysis worse. You may have trouble sleeping as the day repeats again and again with you staying up over analyzing everything that happened during the day.

How does over analysis bother your day?

Since every decision must be analyzed repeatedly, great opportunities are missed. Your opportunity to make new friends and relationships are missed because you find faults in the person or in why they would want to be friends with you. Your mind races yet you do very little because you are always analyzing. Goals and dreams require action and yet you are thinking not acting.

Do you know why you over analyze?

There is probably a reason you get stuck in analysis paralysis. When you think back you probably can find a trigger that sets off the individual episodes or think further back to the first time you remember analyzing everything. Knowing the answer to one or both can help you take another look at things the next time you get analysis paralysis.

What is your thought process?

You can set up a routine or time limit for analyzing and thinking through situations and opportunities. The amount of time you should give should be reflected in the decision you need to make. Picking clothing for the day should not be a long ordeal. Deciding which seminar to go to, will take longer. Reflect that in the time you allow, but have a limit to force yourself to make a decision.

Can you replace the over analysis?

Next time you want to give into the over analyzing find something else to do. When your mind wants to repeat the day, imagine a calm beach or some other favorite soothing scene. Concentrate on your breathing until the over thinking process stops. Replace the negative thoughts with positive. This will help you build a better future.

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