Monday, May 13, 2013

Positive Thinking Stories

Sometimes people under estimate the power of positive thinking. You can use motivation and positive thinking to help achieve anything that you would like to achieve. Your goal could be losing weight, buying a house, get a new job, or anything you decide.

Here is an example of a positive thinking story. There was a guy named Joe who worked for a company and was trying to use that money to pay his bills and pay his way for post secondary education. Unfortunately one day something not too pleasant happened, he got fired from his job and he did not exactly know what the reason was.

However one day he found out that it was not that he was doing anything bad it is just that the company had to lay off a number of people and he happened to be one of them. After hearing this he was quite depressed however he was reading some positive thinking books which helped him change the way that he was feeling about his situation.

He realized that the job gave him good experience and something beneficial that he could add to his resume. He was motivated to find another job this time something that he knew would be permanent and maybe benefit him even more then the other one did. The best thing that happened to him was that within three weeks the job called him back to offer him a permanent position within the company.

This was definitely something positive. Sometimes you must realize that even though something bad happens in your life something positive is sure to follow if you stay positive. Remember that many people cruise through life not having a clue about what they want, and just simply react to what comes along, they either choose to accept it or reject it. It is up to you to choose what you want to do.

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