Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Depression Attracts the Person Like Sea Waves!

A state of low mood and aversion to activity is a situation that can be defined in a single word 'depression' which, by the passage of time kills the ability of forbearance in a person, or in another way if we go in the depth of this word, we will fine its hidden meaning in the word itself and that is:

Damage of


Purely by



Social and


Issues by an

Output equal to


When a person is mentally ill or upset, obviously he is not able to concentrate on anything not even his favorite activities.

The control on our sentiments and reactions is in our own hands. Our Lord has given us senses to identify what is beneficial and we can easily figure out things which are harmful for us.

It is unfortunate how and we let negativity capture our minds and take control! Why not let happiness and positive thoughts fill up our mind leaving no space for negative thoughts.

In every human beings life a long or short span of depression takes place but it is his own decision that either he continues it for the life time or minimize its affect by controlling it initially.

Sometimes, people try to find shelter in their desolation but they are totally unaware of this fact that depression is like sea waves.If we stand idle by the sea shore, the waves pull us towards the centre of the sea and we get dragged with them, same is the case with depression, it also does the same with our mind and drags us in the depth of the sea of depression.

When we are in a happy mood, how relaxed we feel? As we accept the gloominess, in the same way we can develop a good humor in our personality which is an opponent or can say an antidote for depression and that is the direct way of contentment for a person. As in a gloomy state of mind, a person does not take interest in anything, similarly in a happy mood he overcomes the negative issues in a light way.

Low depressed mood, lack of energy, feeling of little or no worth, withdrawal and being unable to cope with daily tasks are those problems which are faced by the people with manic depressive illness and these problems can be sorted out by fighting against your own weakness and overcoming the affects of such problems.

Life is the drama of the world, we are the actors and our Lord is the director but He has given us the authority to decide, which character we would like to play, happy and a lively character or a sad and gloomy one.

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