Saturday, May 18, 2013

Can Clinical Depression Cause Suicide?

Clinical depression is responsible for many other symptoms and conditions that can disable someone's everyday life. This condition is often responsible for the sadness that many Americans feel as well as many other mental conditions that make up depression. One of the most dangerous symptoms within clinical depression is suicide. You may think sadness can't kill someone but clinical depression may very well cause someone to commit suicide, or at least have a much higher risk of committing suicide.

To increase your awareness level of suicide within depression patients, we will be reviewing actual statistics of suicide rates here in the United States.

Around 6 to 12% of the United States population go through depression at some stage within their lives. So it should be surprising that suicide takes about 32,000 lives each year here in the United States of America. Which makes suicide the eighth leading cause of morality in the United States. Many people that have mental disorders such as clinical depression have died from committing suicide, of these people about 90% of them had such mental disorders. So you should be able to understand that the more unstable a person's mind or mental abilities the more that can lead to suicidal behaviors. In such, those that have mental conditions should not do any type of drugs or have substance abuse problems. As substances that normally cause an elevation in mood may provoke a negative effect which can cause suicidal behaviors in someone that has something such as depression.

Patients that go through adverse and dramatic life events may have a higher risk of suicide, especially if they have a condition such as clinical depression. However, suicide is not a normal response to stress!

There are many risk factors that involve suicide which you should be aware of:

Please keep in mind these risk factors for suicide apply both to clinical depression and other mental conditions. Patients that have attempted suicide in the past may have a higher chance of committing suicide again, violence within the family may also provoke suicide, family history of suicide can be passed on to later generations, being in jail or in constant incarceration can provoke suicidal tendencies, having firearms and other weapons in the house can provoke suicide, experiencing extreme pain or illness can provoke suicidal thoughts. These are just a sampling of the risk factors for suicide, so please keep in mind there are many other risk factors that you may take notice of in the real world.

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