Monday, April 15, 2013

What Are the Early Signs of Depression? When You Should Get Help

Depression is such a common illness now that it is difficult to meet somebody who has not been through this experience, myself included! Yet, the early signs of depression are just often ignored or swept under the carpet and the condition can become really serious and even result in suicide.

Depression could be triggered by some traumatic life event like the loss of a job or a loved one. But these are momentary feelings and there is a definite cause which can be easily pinpointed. But the majority of cases are not like that at all and there may be complex reasons. Usually though, there are warning signs of depression.

One of the early signs of depression is that the usual feelings of emptiness, lack of motivation and feelings of hopelessness have lasted a few months. Another sign is that the symptoms are affecting the person's daily life so much that they cannot perform normally and work and relationships are negatively affected.

Sleep can be affected and I know some depressed people who seemed to sleep all the time. But in other depressed patients, insomnia rules and that perhaps is even worse. Then there are feelings of emptiness and lethargy. It is very hard to get a depressed person to take an interest in anything. Even things they were passionate about, never fire them with enthusiasm now. This is just another one of the warning signs of depression.

It is remarkable how depression can affect our whole organism and this is evident in physical symptoms of all kinds. I remember how I had a whole range of physical symptoms which ranged from pains, cramps, headaches and digestive problems.

Appetite is usually affected and this can swing widely in some patients to food cravings for comfort food with a disastrous result for our body image if we really care about that. That may increase feelings of sadness, worthlessness and low esteem. It seems to be a vicious circle. in other cases, there is no appetite at all and that can also lead to less energy.

Once the early signs of depression are detected, a proper diagnosis needs to be made and then treatment sought. Actually antidepressants may only solve the problem initially with a reduction in symptoms so that the patient feels happier. Unfortunately, these drugs have side effects and they are known also to interfere with appetite so weight problems may be exacerbated.

Most people seek alternative remedies and lifestyle changes can also have a profound and lasting effect. But there is one remedy which is just as effective and which can have very few side effects. Why not click through and find out what it is. The early signs of depression will soon be just a memory.

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