Sunday, April 14, 2013

School Depression

School depression is a kind of depression that occurs in school going children. Depression in school going children is quite a common illness. Numbers of students get affected by depression every year. School depression is not a strange kind of depression; it is just the same as some of the other types of depression. Following are the symptoms of school depression:

1. The first and the foremost symptom of depression in school going children is inability to concentrate while studying.

2. Irritation at school without a proper reason.

3. Poor appetite.

4. School going children may exhibit sleeping problems; these consist of too less sleep or too much sleep.

5. Less interest in extra curricular activities.

6. Nervousness or hesitation without any reason.

7. Fatigue.

8. Negative thoughts and poor self confidence also are the symptoms of depression in school going children.

School depression or depression in school going children exhibit the above listed symptoms commonly, but the symptoms might vary child to child. The prevalence of depression in school going children is 3 to 4 out of100 children. School depression occurs equally in boy and girls. The relationship of students amongst their friends and teachers play a big role in school depression. Some of the causes that may lead to depression in school going children are:

1. Extra pressure of parents or school teachers on students to perform well in examinations.

2. Too many expectations of parents.

3. Those students that do not play they may also develop depression.

4. Book warmers may also develop depression.

5. Low self confidence can also develop depression in school going children.

6. The fear of bad performance or bad performance in studies could also be the reason of depression in school going children.

7. Students that have no friends are often found stressed, the stress may also lead to depression.

8. Inferiority complex in students is also one of the reasons.

School depression is a treatable illness and can be treated if the proper treatment technique is followed. Parents need to identify the symptoms in their school going children, as most of the children do not even know that they are suffering from depression. Parents need to take their child to a specialist and look for proper treatment plan. Talk therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy or interpersonal therapies are good method in these cases. You as parents can also help your child getting over school depression. Following are some of the do's and don'ts that you need to follow:

1. Do not pressurize your child for more and more. Every child has a special talent; you just need to motivate him to explore his talent rather than pressurizing him.

2. Do tell him to play for an hour a day at least. Your child will feel energized.

3. Do not torture your child if he scores less marks, instead encourage him to do well next time.

4. Do take your school going child to those places that interests him.

5. Do not show negative behavior in front of your child.

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