Saturday, April 20, 2013

Red Light Errors to Avoid During the Driving Test

Traffic lights come in many shapes and forms, but they all have one purpose: to regulate traffic flow in intersections. Without them, some intersections would turn into complete chaos and disorder. Any traffic light has three lights, and the boldest one is the red. It is also the light which causes many traffic law violations. During a driving test, it's important to know what can and can't be done on red lights to avoid trouble. However, not all driving students know how to handle several red light situations, which causes them to make many mistakes on their test.

The worst mistake that can be made on a red light is not stopping for it. This mistake is so serious that the driving student should not even hope for mercy from the examiner. Normally, traffic lights give plenty of time to stop. There is a yellow light in all of them, and some places even have flashing green light before the yellow, so there is no reason at all to run a red light. If it does happen, it's a critical error and a sure failure.

Another mistake on the driving test is entering the intersection when someone else runs a red light. Since the student has green light it is not illegal, but if someone else runs a red light it can be extremely dangerous. Many accidents happened because drivers did not notice red light runners. Entering the intersection on this situations can be a critical error, but that is up to the examiner's view.

Right turns also threaten licenses for examinees. On some intersections it is legal to turn right on red. However, the law requires to stop before proceeding. Some student drivers don't stop for the light and just turn. This is not only illegal, but also a critical error and a score sheet that says "fail".

Limit lines mark the stopping place for drivers. Some driving students don't realize that and stop wherever they want. A limit line violation is usually not a critical error, but that depends on how far the student proceeded into the intersection. If the student is too much in the intersection, it could count as a red light violation. Even if it's a minor error, it can make the difference between passing and failing.

Red light problems have an easy solution: a guide that shows driving students how to behave when seeing a red light, what to do on several occasions, and how to avoid those costly mistakes that cause nothing but depression and a new driving test.

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