Friday, April 19, 2013

Mood Stabilizer Bipolar Medication - Taking Care of Bipolar Symptoms

It's not easy to conclude the effectiveness of a mood stabilizer bipolar medication immediately. It's essential to take note of how it works for at least a month and a half before a physician can say that it's the right one for the patient. Lithium is the typical mood stabilizer bipolar medication taken in by the patient who can actually balance out the symptoms of being manic and depressive. However, there are instances when lithium may not work in treating depression. Hence, it can be concluded that the depression is not caused by the bipolar disorder or is just resistant to this type of medication. Lithium is the first medication tried on as a mood stabilizer if the condition is not severe yet. However, additional medication like antidepressants is prescribed together with lithium when severe bipolar disorder occurs. History is among the things considered in prescribing medication like the number of depressive and manic symptoms.

On this scenario, a patient may experience a very low mood, and then it will be followed by getting too hyped about things. The change between these two moods can be very rapid and changing at a regular basis. Several medications are able to help this problem like lithium. People who have been under this medication for 20 days showed positive results in terms of stabilizing their moods. Lithium is something considered to be helpful for people who experience grandiosity, anxiety, agitation and attention problems. However, this medication has not been effective for people who may have more serious symptoms like sexual molestation and even criminal tendencies.

Medications like benzodiazepines are used together with lithium to work as mood stabilizers to help reduce the symptoms of acute manic symptoms. However, this can only be effective if this symptom is not classified as schizophrenic behaviors. If the symptom is showing to be schizophrenic behaviors, it's essential for the patient to get medications like clonazepam to add with lithium. Conversely, it's also important for the patient to know that these antipsychotics besides have side effects like tardive dyskinesia, particularly in taking amantadine. This is a serious side effect that includes involuntary movement, particularly on the hands, legs, and even on the face. Some may have bipolar symptoms that are resistant when it comes to other medications. Carbamazepine as well as valproic acid is the most effective medications to use for this type of symptom.

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