Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms: Symptoms That Occur in Patients Suffering From Bipolar Disorder

A mental condition known as bipolar disorder afflicts on an average one person in every 45 persons. It is a state of mind where people experience elevated manic and depressed state alternatively which interferes with a person's daily functioning. It is prevalent in both women as well as men equally across all ethnic groups and cultures. As everyone does not experience the same symptoms therefore it is often difficult to diagnose and often left untreated. In some cases the depressed state is more pronounced and longer whereas in other cases the manic state is pronounced. Initially this state is often diagnosed as a case of unipolar depression. In most of the patients this disorder starts around childhood or in the early years of adulthood. The various bipolar disorder symptoms are the following.

Symptoms of depressive episode are: persistent sadness, guilt, anxiety, isolation, anger, hopelessness, fatigue, disturbance in appetite and sleep patterns, losing interest in activities that he/she otherwise enjoyed, concentration problems, self loathing, loneliness, indifference, losing interest in sexual activities, irritability, shyness, pain usually without any cause, loss of motivation and suicidal tendencies. In severe bipolar cases a person can become psychotic where he might start hallucinating or have delusions. An episode of depression may continue for two weeks at a stretch or if untreated may persist for months.

Symptoms of manic episode are: mania is the main symptom of this disease that differentiates it from unipolar depression. This phase is usually characterized by an elevated state of mind or more aptly called euphoria. There is a marked decrease in sleeping pattern; some individuals need just 3 to 4 hours of sleep in a day while some might go totally without any sleep for many days at a time. The person is easily distracted and his attention span is very less. Another major symptom can be impairment of judgment like person can spend freely without thinking or indulge in behavior that is abnormal for that person. Feelings of grandiose and euphoria are marked and the patient may become very talkative. An increase in sexual drive might be seen. Some patients may indulge in stimulants such as drugs, cocaine or alcohol. Some aggressive behavior may also be seen in the individual.

When the manic symptoms are subdued it is known as a hypomania episode. Some people experience that they are more productive during such hypomania periods. They are more active but their poor judgment and irritability conditions might persist during this phase. The major problem with this state is that the patient feels good and usually denies that something is wrong. In some cases the manic symptoms and depression occur side by side. This condition is known as a mixed state. Mixed state is the most difficult and dangerous period where other complications might also develop.

There are many forms of medication that a sufferer of bipolar disorder can be prescribed by a doctor but by far the most popular and safest form of treatment are natural remedies. These include meditation, herbs, light therapy, aromatherapy and crystal healing to name but a few. To find out more information about the life and symptoms experienced by people with bipolar and how you too can discover natural and safe solutions that can ease these feelings and help you and your family cope better living with bipolar disorder you can goto

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