Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bipolar Medicine - How Do You Know If You Need It?

Abrupt mood swings alternating between mania and depressive episodes is not normal. This is a mental illness that is referred to as bipolar disorder. In layman's term, this is recognized as manic depression. Unfortunately, this problem can only be suppressed temporarily by a bipolar medicine.

There is no known permanent cure for this sickness. However, diagnosed bipolar patients are usually issued with a prescription. Another issue here is the fact that a bipolar medicine may have serious side effects. The safest way to obtain them for treatment is to always consult your doctor.

Caution In Taking Medicine

There are many of types of this bipolar medicine that are available in drugstores. But, it is important to understand that this medicine can be dangerous if taken irresponsibly. One dose is very potent and can cause severe and very serious health problems to a normal person. If you are pharmacist, make sure that the person buying this medication carries a prescription.

A bipolar medicine can also be addictive. If you have a friend or family who is suffering from this mental disease, help him or her with the dosage. Make sure the patient gets only the prescribed amount - no more, no less. Otherwise, alteration can cause more problems than what is already there.

If you think you have manic depressive episodes, you might need to seek professional help as well. To echo what was mentioned above, a bipolar disorder is characterized by abrupt mood swings.

Warning Signs

If you have tendencies of being extremely happy one moment, then shifting into excessive sadness the next, you probably need help. It may be difficult to determine if you do have this problem. Other warning signs of bipolar disorder are listed below:

* The delusion of grandeur. This disease is caused by a disturbance in the brain. At manic highs, a person has the tendency to feel that he is the most powerful person on earth. Even more extreme is imagining himself to be a fictitious character super-hero.

* Sleeplessness. Due to hyperactive extremes, a person with bipolar disorder finds it difficult to sleep. But there is a difference between insomnia and this mental illness. Insomnia is an illness in its own right.

* Easily irritated and angered. Another significant sign of a bipolar case is the lack of temper control. This negative disposition occurs in a depressive state.

* Tendency to judge without bases or facts. Because of the fact that manic depression reduces a person's ability to perform logical thinking, their perspective can often be prejudiced.

* Self-pity and guilt tripping. A bipolar patient has low self-esteem while the level of insecurity is high. This is usually manifested in acts of self-pity and blaming one's self for failure.

These are just a few of the bipolar symptoms. If you happen to have these personality issues, then perhaps you do need bipolar medicine to get well. But before that, you must be reminded again to seek help from a doctor. Never do the treatment by yourself. These medications can cause side effects even with prescriptions and the unintended consequences can be severe.

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