Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5 Advantages of Positive Thinking

Positivity is an important life tool and it can be an extremely beneficial state of mind capable of helping anyone achieve their goals. This article will examine 5 of the main benefits of a positive state of mind and discuss them in some detail.

1. The optimist will live longer than the pessimist. What a great benefit! Being more positive and optimistic will help you live longer. This is mainly related to the stress which can be caused by consistently thinking of the negative outcomes of a given situation. If you are constantly thinking of the worst possible outcome then you will automatically worry, which in turn leads you to be stressed. Instead what you need to do is ignore these thoughts, (which often just spring up uncontrollably) and replace them with optimism, with positivity, with confidence. This will reduce the worry, thus reducing the stress and remember, no one is a natural pessimist, we choose what we want to think about so it is 100% changeable.

2. A positive person will lead a more enjoyable life. Another very important concept and one which makes perfect sense, after all we all want a high quality of life. By thinking positively, naturally we enjoy our activities more, this is partly due to the fact that positive thought often leads us to perform better, moreover when we look back at the things we have done, we remember the positives as that is what was thought of at the time.

3. Helps us through the bad times. Unfortunately we all experience bad times in our lives, it could be losing our jobs, developing an illness or even losing a loved one. A positive person will deal with this bad news a lot better than a negative person. For example the optimist may interpret losing a job as an opportunity for a fresh start and a way to develop new skills and open more doors. The pessimist will concentrate on the useless things such as "I will never find another job", which again will bring on the worry, the stress and even the depression.

4. You will have more friends if you are positive. People like optimists, they like to be around them and they seek their advice and opinions. I do, I have a friend who is ever the optimist and I am always seeking his take on things because I know he will make me feel better.

5. Optomists are better decision makers. When weighing up the pros and cons of some choices they will often make the right decision because they are focused on the right things. They are concentrating on the relevant information and analyzing it accordingly, making the right decision at the end.

Whilst some advantages of positive thought and optimism have been discussed here, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It really is the key to a whole new way of living you life, a way of getting more out of your life and I think everyone deserves that chance.

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