Friday, April 19, 2013

Signs of Depression in Men

Depression is something that most people face at some time in their lives. We all deal with it differently and it affects different people in different ways. It could be brought on by the loss of a job, a break up, gaining weight or several other different reasons. Oddly enough though, the signs of depression in men are somewhat different in men than women and you have to be aware of exactly what they are if you are concerned that you or a loved one may be falling into a depression.

Men who are depresses will often find themselves in a rut that they just don't seem to be able to get out of. They are hopeless and helpless and feel as though their life has no value whatsoever. They will often feel as though there is simply no way that their life will get better.

As these feelings fester, you will find that they will also lose all interest in their daily life and activities. They may stop working out or hanging out with the guys. Any hobby that they had when life seemed good to them suddenly becomes non-existent to them.

All of this inactivity will usually lead to a sudden gain in weight or even perhaps a weight loss as they many not even get out of bed to feed themselves. They are in bed all the time because they feel as though they have no reason to get out of bed, yet somehow they are also always tired.

As all of this is going on, their opinion of themselves starts to digress and they think that they are just totally useless on the face of the earth. You can see how this emotion can quickly get out of control and can lead to suicidal thoughts and the demise of someone's attitude toward life. This something that absolutely must be treated in the early stages or it can quickly get out of hand and lead them down a very ugly and destructive path.

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