Friday, March 21, 2014

What to Do When Your Husband Is Depressed (Top 5 Ways to Deal With His Depression)

If you don't know what to do when your husband is depressed, things can get out of your power rapidly, because, according to researchers, depression impact men differently than it does women. Men who are depressed go through a series of physical and emotional alterations. They start ignoring responsibilities and hardly find pleasure in any pursuit.

Men hardly indicate the signs of depression; In fact, they keep their inner depressed feelings hidden instead of revealing them. If you want to be an elite wife, then you should know what to do when your husband is depressed. Here are the top 5 ways for you to deal with his depression.

1. Let Him Stay Alone.

A man's silence can easily baffle a woman, because silence is a woman's cry. When she finds her man in silence, she tries to draw his feelings out through verbal contact, but this try depresses his husband even more and turns the discussions into painful fights.

There are two things which you need to remember always if you want to deal with his depression.

(a) When a man is depressed, you can't expect him to share things with you immediately. It's in his nature to be alone in silence and solve things in his own mind.

(b) If you ask him direct questions while he's in depression, you will turn the discussion into a painful argument. So, it's always better for you to let him spend some time in silence and alone.

2. Focus On Creating a Solution.

Many studies have revealed that men's brain always focus on creating solutions. That's why, solution oriented approach is mainly used by men in every discussion. It's in their nature to work out the issues, calculate the next step, and make decisions.

Deborah Tannen, author of "You Just Don't Understand", said that a man communicates to provide information, create solutions, and show mastery. So, during his depression, a woman should talk according to his ways of thinking of keeping the conversation solution-oriented.

3. Ask For His Opinion.

You can deliberately use this powerful trick to refrain his depression during discussion. This trick can instantly end his heaps of worries and make him think about the solutions more clearly.

(a) Always ask him about his opinion before you tell him your opinion.

(b) Add an example which illustrates his opinion and supports it.

(c) Through opinions, "Talk about quick solutions and set achievable goals."

This strategy allows you to win his mind completely and builds a strong rapport with him. He not only gets clear about what he wants but also feels that you are the only person on this earth who understands him completely. Most importantly, when you understand his psychology and give him what he wants, he does almost anything to keep you happy forever.

4. Creative Ways to Cheer Him Up.

There are many creative ways to cheer your husband up if he's depressed. Just understand his source of depression and make him feel special by shifting his thinking on something worthy. Here are two creative and powerful cheer-ups that are very effective - and easy to implement - for men.

(a) Give him a long hug, rubs his backbone, or give him a massage. Your touch is the most powerful way to lower his anxiety level.

(b) Despite pointing out the negative issues, motivate him for the future rewards, because men love being around those who motivate them.

5. Make The Food and Mood Connection.

Make the food and mood connection in order to reduce his depression. The positive energies of food develop euphoric feelings that enhances the complete inner state of body. Here are 3 foods that will provide the needed fuel to spark the pleasant effect while he's depressed.

(a) Eggs: Although eggs are not the most sensual of foods, but they are very nutritious. They are the nature's golden food that maximize energy levels and fight stress.

However, it's necessary to mention that, according to experts, one should not nosh more than two eggs a day when it comes to dieting.

(b) Bananas: Bananas are great stress relievers. If your partner usually stays upset, try adding bananas to your daily routine, since they create a direct positive impact on our mood and brain.

(c) Pasta: Pasta should always give your husband the boost he needs. It actually reduces depress hormones and improves the mood.

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