Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to Keep Your Motivation When You Have to Do Something Boring

There are times when you feel not in the mode to do something. No matter how hard you try to finish your task, it seems your mind is totally facing a blank wall.

I have always experienced this certain moment of facing the same predicament in my life. I noticed that when I'm in my peak of finishing my work, it seems there's something that interrupts my hand not to move as dictated by my mind. Oftentimes, I became frustrated and later surrender to my bed.

However, I was able to find ways to overcome this sad predicaments, listed below:

1. Read motivational quotes. I have collections of some motivational quotes in my journal and when I'm feel in boredom state, I open them and read some quotes that stimulates me to feel active and return back to normal state.

2. Open my music library. When I feel not in the mode to work, I immediately played my favorite classical music and western songs. Most often, I like the sound of western music especially my favorite singers, like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and Hank Williams. The western sound forces me to be active and my mind seems motivated to the beat of the songs, thus creating a lively working atmosphere.

3. Have a break. When I'm too bored with the work, I have to leave the place, visit my favorite garden of flowers and vegetables. I would touched and smell the beautiful flowers in the garden, looking at the different friendly insects sipping the nectar in the flowers. After a couple of hours in the garden, I felt rejuvenated again and returned back to finish my unfinished task.

4. Viewing comedy show. Yes, you might agree with me, viewing a comedy show could recharge you to normal condition. For me, after a heavy mental work and my mind seems totally depleted, I sets in the coach, open the player to play some comic stories. Believe me, I easily felt relieved and enjoyed the show and becomes fresh again.

5. Take some snack break. Your mind becomes exhausted by too much work. So you need to renew your energy to continue with your task, by taking a short snack break. This way, you become stimulated again to return back to your active working state.

6. Have someone to talk about. When you feel bored with your work, invite your friend or your wife to join with you in your work place. Start a topic that would interest both of you until your boredom subsides and start back to normalcy.

7. Change your mindset. Encourage yourself to change your mindset and find some reasons why what you're doing is not at all boring as you think, but rather interesting.

Keep yourself always in an active mode all the time, in order not to experienced boredom in your work place. And importantly, follow the tips here so you can be productive in all your assigned task and let boring moment away from you mind.

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