Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Are You Tired, Irritable or Depressed?

According to 1994 studies, 15% of the U.S. adult population is iodine deficient. So can you imagine how much that percentage has climbed today? Even at 15% that means 1 out of 7 patients that walk into a physician's office is deficient yet medical doctors aren't ordering Urine I levels, even in goiter and hypothyroidism patients. In fact, most of my clients that have been determined "iodine deficient" were told by their MDs that their thyroid levels T3/T4 were fine. Yet, they had classic symptoms of thyroid disorders. Evidence proves that iodine deficiency predisposes a person to fibrocystic disease in the breast and breast cancer.

So, if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

weight gain
dry hair/skin
hair loss
cold intolerance
muscle cramps
memory loss
abnormal menstrual cycles
decrease libido

Consider iodine testing today! 1 Year ago I lost my mother unexpectedly to Hashimoto's disease, a thyroid disorder that went undetected. It's my passion to get the word out and help save lives!!


The iodine test I spoke about above is simple. We drop ship a 24-hour urine collection kit to your house. We ask that you avoid shellfish, excessive salt intake or any other high iodine level foods. At the beginning of your collection day we ask that you take an enclosed Iodoral tablet (a blend of iodine/potassium specially formulated). At the end of your 24-hour collection, you send the kit back to the Lab in the enclosed prepaid packaging. Test results are forwarded to me within approximately 5-7 business days where we then go over your labs and based on our findings, we provide a slow load of Iodoral that custom fits your needs.

The following positive improvements have been reported:

increase in energy
Increase in optimism
weight loss
Improved memory

I will testify that I am a "product of the product." My 40 pound weight loss and final life transformation is attributed to iodine testing which I talk about further in my book, "True Confessions of the Heart." For years I was trying to figure out why I couldn't lose weight. I worked out, got plenty of sleep and ate healthy yet, I couldn't lose weight. After being tested and confirmed that I was iodine deficient, I started to consume Iodoral. I have never felt better. The weight came off easier than I expected and I have kept it off for over a year. My energy level is high and I am more focused. So, if you wish to read my story, click on the Amazon link below.

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