Thursday, March 20, 2014

How To Identify The Signs Of Depression

Depression is not easy to catch, and you could well be a victim of it. It is important to recognize one's own moods and day to day tendencies, in simple words - "Signs of depression", so as not to succumb to depression. One could well pretend that it is just a difficult phase and life would move on, but that may not be the case, and depression may worsen your situation.

Signs of depression are just not limited to feeling down from time to time, about work strain, or general sadness in day to day life. Although depression symptoms could vary from person to person, certain signs are fairly common and can be used as a sure shot way to determine if a person is a victim of depression.

A depressed person generally feels completely hopeless about him. He could be seen complaining to anyone and everyone continuously how messed up his life is and how the situation could never improve. He keeps on criticizing himself and develops a general air?of worthlessness about him/her. He may fall prey to alcohol and drug use.

Depression could cause you to lose interest in day to day activities, and thus inhibit one's?social tendencies and any other means of joy and pleasure. A depressed person could well?drop out of daily routine such as office, business, college, etc. Such a person could also?exhibit sleeplessness, high amount of irritability, excessive anger over minor issues, and?frequent mood swings.

Depression could well result in loss of appetite. A person would exhibit loss of energy?and show signs of fatigue continuously. Routine activities which seemed easy and?pleasing in the past could well seem unwanted and difficult.

One of the major signs of depression is the exhibition of suicidal tendencies. This?should be treated as the final stage when depression is at its peak. When a person starts?mentioning his/her own death routinely in day to day conversations, he should be brought?to a consultant at the earliest, and his mental state and root cause of depression should be?examined at the earliest.

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