Sunday, March 16, 2014

What Is Bipolar Disorder? A Definition Based on Recent Scientific Discovery

The discovery of the existence of the anti-conscience puts an end to a big mystery, giving a clear explanation for the abrupt mood swings that characterize the behavior of individuals who suffer from manic depression or bipolar disorder. The anti-conscience is a true demon because it is the result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience in its first stages. Unfortunately, it occupies the biggest part of the human brain.

Whenever you are controlled by your anti-conscience you act like a violent, immoral, cruel, and absurd animal. The anti-conscience is crazy and this is why it has self-destructive tendencies. It tries to destroy the human side of your conscience and control your behavior.

The anti-conscience is a part of your personality. However, it is not conscious, and this is why you have no control over it. This is your animal side, which remains in a primitive condition because it refuses learning and changing its behavior.

You can have a clear vision of what is happening in your brain and psyche through dream analysis. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams works like a natural doctor, who protects you from your evil and absurd anti-conscience. All dream images work like psychotherapy.

If you suffer from bipolar disorder you must be very careful and write down all your dreams everyday. Then, you must translate their meaning according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research. You will understand the hidden unconscious messages and find sound mental health forever.

Jung gave us a scientific explanation for the meaning of dreams and their healing power. Without his work we would never be able to understand the complex dream language. I had to translate numerous dreams for two decades in order to simplify all the complication I found when I precisely followed Carl Jung's steps.

Only I could continue his research and discover the evil anti-conscience because the continuation of his research was too dangerous. I could bear it because I was too strong and I had to fight schizophrenia, which is the worst existent mental illness. I was almost as schizophrenic as my father. I had to discover the anti-conscience in order to resist its attacks and preserve my sanity.

I saw that our wild conscience is too powerful. It is our animal personality, which is still alive inside us. The anti-conscience is our other self, our animal and evil self, which is totally selfish, absurd, cruel, indifferent, and superficial. The anti-conscience is everyone's second personality, but it can also be multiplied into numerous different personalities.

Some people are more influenced or controlled by their anti-conscience, and this is why they suffer from bipolar disorder or from another mental disorder.

We usually enter into contact with our wild conscience when we have traumatic experiences because we are depressed and angry. Our primitive conscience has the chance to speak in our conscious mind and impose its absurd ideas whenever we are revolted for some reason.

Cases of multiple personality disorder can be clearly explained now that we know that we have inherited an absurd wild conscience, which is very powerful and tries to destroy our human conscience. The anti-conscience creates different personalities, dividing the parts that compose an individual's personality.

Our wild conscience provokes numerous behavioral abnormalities when it invades the human side of our conscience because it tries to destroy our capacity to think logically. Bipolar disorder is the domination of an individual's conscience by the anti-conscience for a certain period of time, which varies depending on the severity of each case.

The unconscious treatment through dream messages is based on eliminating your anti-conscience through consciousness. This means that you will analyze the content of your mind and your behavior. You will understand when you are controlled by your anti-conscience and what you have to do in order to transform your dangerous wild conscience into a positive component of your personality.

This is how you'll stop having abrupt mood swings and completely control your behavior.

I can translate your dreams for you and provide you with psychotherapy in case you have no courage to study the dream language. However, I have simplified Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation so much that you will surely understand the meaning of dreams by studying my lessons. You can submit a few dreams for translation and then continue translating your dreams alone, when you'll get used with the dream language and the dream logic.

You'll see that whenever you are too euphoric or extremely depressed, you are controlled by your anti-conscience. It takes the place of your ego, pretending to be you.

The unconscious mind gives you a clear image of what is happening to you in the dream messages, teaching you how to control your behavior and stop being a slave of your anti-conscience. This is how you will find salvation, instead of being an eternal victim of your wild side.

You'll build a self-confident, balanced and uniform personality. Your unique personality will be characterized by sincerity and wisdom. Your harmonic, always calm, and sensitive behavior will help you find permanent peace and happiness.

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