Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Symptoms of a Depressed Person

Depression has got a very significant effect on one person's personality. The personality can be affected in a lot of ways by the depression. The major changes that can be found in the personality of a person due to depression are:

  • No interest in love life.

  • Experience loneliness, gloom, hopelessness, indifference and hatred to the people who come across them.

  • The person will have extreme despair.

  • The run away from problems rather than solving them. They start thinking of leaving their home and running away. The thoughts about suicide are also very prominent in depressed individuals.

  • They also tend to move away from the company of their friends and family. The depressed person often prefers loneliness and despair. They will seem to be happy avoiding everyone and everything in their life.

  • Depressed individuals become more sensitive. They lose their temper easily and get angry at almost everything. They will start crying for the simplest things. They will be always irritated.

  • They will have zero self esteem. They lose all self confidence and will think of themselves as useless and good for nothing. They will think only about the negative sides of the life.

  • The excessive depression can lead to loss of interest in everything including love, sex, friends, sleep and appetite.

  • Feel of guilt is a common factor of every individual. They even start feeling guilty for others wrong.

  • A depressed person will find it very difficult to express and handle feelings and actions. The actions of such a person are very unpredictable. The rage that they have for themselves is often outrage to all those who get to be in front of them.

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