Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Depressed a Lot? - The Reason Why You're Always Feeling Depressed

Do you get depressed a lot? If so the real reason may not be what you think. Many people simply attribute depression to stress and a state of mind, however what most people don't realize is that nutrition and physical illness can practically force a person to become depressed against their will! In this article I'll discuss the 3 factors which can cause depression and how to go about reversing them!

#1 - Candida: This very common and far too under-diagnosed chronic fungal infection can create mal-absorption in the body amongst other health problems such as toxicity through it's by products. It's these toxic by products that will often cause anxiety in depression in many individuals. Once they eliminate the overgrowth of Candida from their body however and the toxins that go with it they will notice a superior improvement in their overall physical and mental health!

#2 - Adrenal Fatigue/Hormone Imbalance: This condition is often caused by stress over an extended period of time, this can involve chronic infections which have not been addressed, allergies which are being continually exposed to and injuries which haven't healed properly. Not to mention poor diet which is deficient in good fats which will directly and indirectly eliminate depression.

#3 - Nutritional Deficiency: This can involve both vitamin and mineral deficiencies which in strong enough doses would correct and eliminate depression and many other health problems. You might say "Well according to my doctor my levels are all normal" but then you need to wonder what does "normal" really mean? Consider this a modern medical test for vitamin C levels for example only indicates a deficiency if an individual is so low that they could develop scurvy. However when vitamin C levels are optimized you heal faster and won't get infections. If you're depressed it's likely you're either not absorbing your nutrients correctly or simply need more.

If you're depressed a lot then these 3 factors are things you need to rule out. The best way to do this is to address them. Although it's always a good idea to also get a alternative health test to determine what other causes may be affecting you.

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