Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ways on How to Cheer People Up

Life is not a fairy tale. At one time or another, people will get sad, frustrated or even depressed. The problem is, not all people can easily deal with that. There are some that easily gets sad when they feel that life is pressing on them. If we know some that are feeling sad, we need to find ways on how to cheer people up.

What we need to do is tailor our approach. You need to have the personality and right circumstances for the cheering session. Obviously, you cannot cheer someone who is sad if you are also sad. Think about what is making the person sad and take it from there. You cannot just cheer them by doing things because it might offend them.

Distract them from being sad. If your friend starts showing signs of sadness, try opening another topic to discuss about. What he needs is something that would keep his mind off the thing that is making him sad.

Give them something special. Why not giving them a hug? It is amazing how a hug can change the entire mood of a person. It can lift up that sullen mood of your friend if you volunteer on giving them a hug. It can also be giving them something they like. Perhaps they like flowers. Give some to them so that they have a reason to smile.

Always show that you are concerned about them. There are times when laughter is just not the best medicine. Make them, feel that you there if ever they need a friend or someone to talk to. That kind of concern will make them feel loved.

If you don't know any ways on how to cheer people up, just try to be cheerful, and you will eventually share that feeling to your friend. When we keep a happy disposition, we can slowly lift other people's mood because of our presence. We can be an example for them on being happy and jolly all the time.

It might take you several attempts before you can finally cheer someone. It will all depend on how deep his sadness is. There are people who just don't like being cheered, and you have to make sure you know the signs of that. You can also have times like these and you just want to feel alone. Even if you know the ways on how to cheer people up, when the person doesn't feel like smiling at the time, just let her be, but never leave her side. She might need you to just be there even though you don't talk. Your presence might be what she needs.

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