Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Empowerment of Self Esteem, Motivation, and Determination

There are three factors that together empower you to create your dreams: motivation, self esteem, and determination. You need to have self esteem to believe that you can achieve you dreams. It will provide you with the strength to believe in you throughout your path of achieving your goals. Sometimes in life we go through things that take away from your confidence and self esteem. When this does happen, you find yourself facing an endless struggle on the path to your dreams. There are necessary steps to take to improve your self confidence before you can fully realize your potential. Taking time for yourself, visualizing and daily affirmations are great ways to increase your self esteem.

When you develop your self confidence, it allows for you to have the motivation to get things started. As mentioned, the three factors motivation, self esteem and determination work together. If you are lacking in one, you may find yourself struggling and tired. Once you take the steps to increase your self confidence, you then need to work on the motivation. While watching your progress, take notes and pay attention to what robs you of your focus. When you have your list of goals you've set, it takes a lot of energy and motivation to complete them. Don't surround yourself with negative people as they will drain you of your motivation and you will fail to create your dreams. Not meeting what others expect of you and constantly hearing negative words will eventually drain you of your determination and motivation.

This can be detrimental and can lead to depression. It is key that you reduce all forces of negative influences surround you so that you stay focused and have the energy needed to accomplish your plans. Keep a strong mind and stay focused and you will see that motivation, self esteem and determination will favor you and you will end up with what you have striven for.

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