Friday, November 1, 2013

Is Your Teenager Depressed? Find Out The Four Top Causes Of Teenage Depression

Depression and teenage depression is alarmingly common than expected these days, little wonder it is called ''the common cold of mental illness''. But what causes teenage depression and indeed depression? I have described some of the top causes or triggers of teenage depression in this article;

Genetic Causes: There appears to be an inherited genetic defect believed to predispose some persons to some form of depression like manic depression and even teenage depression according to research. This implies that major depressive disorder may be partly the result of inherited factors. This genetic form of depression is called endogenous depression. This suggests that depression indeed runs in some families. Apart from this, there is also a greater tendency for identical twins to share a history of major depression than fraternal twins according to research. These points suggest a genetic cause for teenage depression.

Hormone Imbalance: Another very likely cause of teenage depression is hormonal imbalance specifically due to the malfunction of the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus in the brain regulates internal functions like appetite, sexual interest and even mood. Thus, any disruption in the normal operations of the hypothalamus or hormonal imbalance due to various factors including stress might result in depression.

Environmental Factors: The following external or environmental factors can trigger the onset of depression. In general:
• A trauma ( such as experiencing a rape and the death of a loved one)
• A divorce
• The loss of a job
• Having a poor interpersonal relations
• Physical illness and
• Stress

Any of the above external factors may represent the initial stimulus that ignites your teen's internal organs particularly the hypothalamus that regulates his mood. Thus, when any of these factors are present, your teen may experience a degree of depression.

Your Teen's Diet: Your teenager's diet can also be a major cause of depression. If your teen eats ''junk food'', skip meals and even go for weeks without eating green vegetables, your teen might be very prone to depression. If he or she eats a balanced meal regularly coupled with moderation with the consumption of foods like pies, chocolate, candy and soda pop, he will be greatly relieved of depression.

I have examined four major possible causes of teenage depression which are; nutrition, environmental factors, hormone imbalance and genetic causes. If your teen is presently experiencing depression at the moment, chances are that it may have stemmed from any of the causes discussed in this article. To find out about other causes not described in this article Click Here.

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