Monday, October 28, 2013

The Physical Life Versus the Spiritual Life

Why? Why do people die early by your estimation? Why do some make decisions that are always keeping them in poverty? Why do people become addicted with all sorts of harmful issues? Why does depression exist, as well as illnesses of all kinds? Why do some people have unexplained "good luck" when you feel you have none? These are just a few of the questions that keep people wondering if they did something wrong, and pondering whether or not God does exist. It is always a tough thing to answer, because most of the time the questions are being asked when someone is already feeling disconnected or angry with the High Power.

We are here to tell you that we are hear to listen to you. From the side of Infinite Spirit, we can only suggest that there are many things that are left to query "how and why." Where did the sun come from? What about the stars, the oceans and majestic mountains? Why is it that so many people who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses rebound for no explainable medical reason? We are asking questions of you because intelligence and answers run in sync with the heavens. How is it that many of you can feel your loved ones who have past over if there is no God? What would the purpose of life be if there was not something extraordinary awaiting them? Does it make you feel better to think that when all humans perish that they are done, or is it more likely that the communications that come to you in a variety of means only happens with the help of an Undying Energy?

In spirit, as well as on the earth plane, the true existence of who we are is that we are an eternal energy. It can not be killed off, nor dismissed as not being present at all. It is your Higher Self that has a source that resonates much more deeply than the human mind can comprehend. That is the part of Infinite Wisdom that can be seen. However, because most people are inundated with lessons of "seeing is believing," they have trouble absorbing that what they see may actually be what they feel. You have six senses for a reason. None should be dormant. All should be used to accentuate the beauty of memories and the ability to make more of them.

We chose to bring this up at this seasonal time of year because it is the time when those who virtually ignore God, Spirit and the angels throughout the year, find a way to funnel themselves into church services. They do this because it makes them feel good, regardless of the depth of love they have for the aforementioned entities. That is done because there is a deep-seated awareness that there is something larger in life then their own thoughts. They do not want to take a chance of upsetting the very power they want to ignore or deny exists. For the purposes of simplification, just remember that when you get a scent of flowers when none are nearby, it did not happen from nothing. It happened because a loved one still lives on and wants you to know you are still loved. Naturally, this is just one simple example. Trust all the inklings you have that someone is over your shoulder, or protecting you in some way. Trust that you heard your name called when no one did. Trust in your body's ability to know how to maintain a molecular structure that is the essence of you, because it came about from a universal Intelligence.

We want you to have hope; to simply accept that the innate knowing that you need to breathe comes from your God, no matter what you choose to call him. Know this are all loved and encouraged to enjoy your time on planet earth. It is the toughest and most tender place for your soul to learn and grow. Know that the love of angels will help you in your darkest times when you seek help from them. With love, guidance and embrace of angels, these are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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