Monday, October 28, 2013

Depression Help - Change Just One Thing

Many forms of depression are "biochemical." This means that people get depressed because their biochemistry is out of whack. Doctors often prescribe anti depressant drugs to provide depression help because they correct the biochemistry, and people start to feel better. 
Since it is commonly recognized that biochemistry imbalances can cause many forms of depression, it should be no surprise that what you eat and what you don't eat can have a major impact on your mood. To oversimplify, if you eat a lot of junk food you can start to feel "junky." 
One of the major culprits with depression is sugar. Common table sugar can be a major depressant. It can affect your mood, your attitude and your energy levels. Most people have no idea that sugar can cause major mood swings, but it does. So if you are feeling depressed, or have really black moods on a regular basis, it might well be due to sugar.
Take sugar out of your diet for just a few days and see if you notice any difference. I did, and the difference was startling. I had more energy, more positive feelings, and no dark mood swings after the second day. Blood sugar levels affect more than just physical energy. Read the classic book "Sugar Blues" to better understand all the ways that sugar can negatively affect your health and well being.  Natural depression treatment can often be as simple as removing sugar.
And, you don't have to give up sweets, just refined sugar. Your local health food store has several alternatives that will sweeten your food without causing sugar blues. Substitutes like agave nectar, stevia and fructose are handled differently by the body and will not generally affect your energy levels and moods in the same way.
Whether you are depressed or not, have dark mood swings or not, feel hopeless and deficient or not, you may want to try to go sugar free for a week and see how you feel. If you can't imagine giving up sugar for a whole week, you can try a different test. For breakfast or a mid morning snack, eat a couple doughnuts and nothing else. Don't eat any protein with them, don't have coffee or soda or any form of caffeine with them. Notice how your body feels in about half and hour to an hour. If you don't pump yourself up with caffeine, you should notice you feel good and happy and energized for about half an hour to 45 minutes, then you should start to feel tired and irritable and groggy for the next two hours after that as your blood sugar swings up then down.
We each have different biochemistries, so the way you handle sugar may be different than your peers. But the blood sugar swings caused by sugar are well documented and are not intellectual or theoretical.  Depression help may be one dietary change away.  The proof lies as close as the nearest Krispy Creme. There is no guarantee that your or a loved one's feelings of depression are caused by sugar, but common table sugar is a major culprit in depression for many people.

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