Sunday, October 27, 2013

Medication and Therapy For MHMR

Mentally ill and mentally retarded people need a long range of medicines. Being entitled to the right to medication for proper development, it is important that a proper diagnosis be done of their mental problems and consequently they can be medicated according to their needs. Psychiatric drugs are the most popular type of medication used for mental illness. These medicines are sometimes illusive in nature while others release the necessary chemicals or are responsible for releasing the necessary chemicals for better functioning of the brain.

The various types of medications given can be:

  • Mood stabilizers: They are used to cure severe manic depression. They not only act as a cure but further prevent its occurrence.

  • Anxiolytics: These are mild tranquilizers. Generally these are used to treat manic attacks or they can also be used when its symptoms like palpitations, cold sweat, tremors, black outs arise. They work by calming the activities occurring in the brain and can also be used for insomnia.

  • Antidepressants: These are the most popular of all the psychotic drugs available. They provide adrenaline to the body and can actually cheer up a weary and moody person. Besides depressions, they can also help in curing phobias. However the main problem of these medicines is that they do not kill the cause of depression, but just help in curing it. Due to this many people have a tendency of getting addicted to it, and hence overdose should be avoided.

Besides medicines the other form of therapy which can be of real help is counseling. Also if proper cognitive behavior therapy is employed, it can also help in improving the situation. As a last resort, however, we can always use electroconvulsive therapy but this is normally avoided since it causes painful and restrictive in nature.they employ high voltage electricity for a short span of time which can even cause spasms in the patient. Thus its generally not used expect in the case of severe manic depression of acute schizophrenia.

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