Sunday, October 27, 2013

Improve Testosterone to Deal With Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety in the modern world has become increasingly popular from the 1950's, with more reports than ever with people being diagnosed with mental imbalances. Low testosterone levels been have highly correlated with depression and anxiety. These mental imbalances have been more commonly found in men than women, according to data the modern mans testosterone level is 50% lower than what it was in the 1950's. Testosterone is a hormone which influences sexual ambitions and also related to your energy level, increasing it will boost both sex drive and energy levels. It is common to notice that men which are in a depressive mental state usually tend to have lost their sexual drive and feel low a lot of the time. Increasing testosterone to a healthy level for the individual can change the persons mood these effects can sometimes be felt in the first week.

In Oriental countries, men and women have been using the benefits of increasing their hormones to influence their mood by rubbing the testicles or ovaries. According to their philosophy testosterone is what energizes your body and mind, giving the body energy to do activity and the brain to think. Some men will notice that when they ejaculate before they exercise that they lose the intensity in their muscles and mental drive. From personal experience I have found this happen to me both mentally and physically. You need to be aware that increasing past ones limits will cause your imagination to run wild being over stimulated with sex and violent actions, confusing your logical actions and decisions your emotions will also run wild. When I was increasing my testosterone I found it to work almost by the first week, my mind was clearer and was emotionally neutral. Then I decided to increase it more which exceeded my limit and I was plagued with violent and sexual images along with unstoppable negative thoughts. According the Qigong masters when testosterone gets too high it stimulates the subconscious mind resulting in you losing control of your actions.

When applying testicular massage the hands should be warm and the scrotum should be stretched a few times to allow the testosterone to flow freely. By rubbing the tip of the testicles in a circular motion gently for 10 minutes once in the morning when you wake up and has you go to bed can improve the function of your genitalia. For women rubbing the ovaries may prove to be more difficult so you can use reflexology to massage the ovaries. I have used reflexology points one myself and others and I found that it does stimulate to organ which is being pressed. Get a reflexology book to develop a clear understanding of what you are doing before you before you begin your practice.

According to research men who took part in a scientific test on to see if testicular massage can boost rate of successful pregnancy outcomes revealed that the men were more successful in fertilizing the ovary. Along with other benefits there are a stronger erection and for women promotes regular periods and fertilization.

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  1. Fantastic ideas ! I struggled to raise testosterone naturally for a long time and after I put in the effort it really boosted my power int he gym :] I have tested and found that doing weights is super important. for me to have high testosterone. Now that I've tried most of the normal remedies I'm also curious about checking out testosterone cream. My friend is using Andro-plus...has anyone else tried it? Seems real but dont know for sure.