Monday, July 1, 2013

Why Does Depression Occur?

Depression is commonly related to psychology problems and affects. Almost every person in the world due to some personal experiences but it is also seen that this may also occur due to the depressive attitude of a family member, relatives or a close friend. When we are attached to someone and he is depressed than its natural that we will also get upset.

The symptoms of depression are the following:

. Facing difficulty in concentrating

. Facing problems in remembering minor details

. Lack of decision power

. Loss of will power

. Becoming dependent on others

. Low self esteem

These symptoms occur due to severe control of depression on mind which makes a person weaker and weaker internally.

In some cases the habit of taking depression is hereditary meaning to say that if the habit of depressing oneself is a common practice in the family then he inherits it but in other cases it also occurs in the people who have no history of depression in their families. This proves that it is a kind of illness which may affect anyone.

Melancholia sometimes take place in a person's life due to various causes such as unemployment, family history if depression, financial crises and some people feel dejected because of the death of a beloved, lack of self esteem, assessments, exams or interviews also lay great stress on mind. Weak relationships and pessimistic point of views about him and the entire world are also a reason for depression. Absorption in self interest dreaming and fantasies specially when accompanied by marked withdrawal from reality simply shows the way towards depression because of the expectation of positive results always; a person greatly reduces the ability to carry out one's daily tasks by abnormal ways of thinking, feeling and ignoring.

Psychological disorder is also a reason of extreme depression and this may become a cause of biological problems such as genetic problems. Depression is something which drives a person towards many mental and physical diseases with the passage of time. We must not forget that we are not alone we have a large number of people closely attached to us therefore we have to make sure that they are not grieved due to us. There are uncountable causes of gloominess we can certainly avoid them by at least trying to make our life as comfortable and peaceful as we can rather than ruining it with our own hands.

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