Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Depression - Home Remedies For Cure

We should consider depression as a disease just like any other disease whether it comes in for a short or long period. First of all, when we understand that we have depression or are informed by our well-wishers, please do not hesitate to accept it. It is just like, when we suffer from any disease; do we ever feel shy about it and not tell people? So the first thing is to recognize that we have some problem and we need help. Acknowledging is the beginning of its cure.

When we have physical ailment, we go to consult a doctor. When this ailment remains unattended, it leads to a disease and then we are forced to see a professional specialist doctor. He prescribes us with some medications and but medicines only bring temporary relief. Those medicines may not cure from inside. To cure from inside we need to fight within. When depression increases we need psychologist to help because beyond a limit it can lead up to suicidal tendency. Therefore, it certainly needs immediate attention. In most cases depression evolves due to chemical imbalance arising because of one of many reasons e.g. a serious loss, death of loved one, divorce, break up of a relationship, having an affair, financial break down or loss of job, bad academic results or fear of not being able to do well etc. Sometimes guilt or regrets owing to hurting others or crime also leads to depression. Once we understand the reason of a depression and we recognize those factors, we can plan our recovery and try come out of it soon.

I suggest below some of home remedies for helping the people who are suffering from this mental illness called Depression:

1. Just talk about it: share your problems and sorrows with good friends who have positive attitude of mind. Trust me it really helps. When we share, we feel half of our problems dissolves naturally.

2. Be with Nature: Try to be with the nature as much as possible. Feel the early morning fresh air, listen to birds chirping, see the greenery and smell the fragrance of flowers. It may not cure instantly but this will give a pleasant feeling and will make our mind open to accept things clearly.

3. Take more rest: Take more rest, sleep more and drink plenty of water.

4. Resist more eating: In depression, there is a tendency to eat more. The more is the depression the unhealthier food intake starts. High calorie food like potato or cold drinks or sweets really help us feel at ease but it has long lasting bad effects. The excessive intake of un-healthy food leads to various kinds of physical disorders and diseases and a person gets more depressed.

5. Avoid watching TV for long hours: When we feel depressed and watch TV, we start indulging into sad or emotional stories and begin correlating ourselves to the sadness of the fictitious characters of the drama in the TV. We forget that it is just a drama not a reality. The more we watch more the sadder and more depressed we feel. Therefore, watch some healthy fun movies, cartoons, shows or interesting quiz that can help you laugh.

6. Let us WRITE -- When we feel sad or depressed everything around seems dull and sad, but then try to think if there is anything still good happened in recent times. Was there any event that made us smile or excited about future. And if there is something like this comes to your heart then try write about it. Among 100 bad things, there is at least one good deed. Write about your problems and sorrows. What is that really bothering us?? What is our main purpose of life??? What we really want from the life. I am very sure that as we write, we will realize that some of the things that were bothering us were not so problematic or big. It is our phobia and ignorance that made us felt like that.

7. Let us READ -- Read good quality books and inspirational thoughts and quotes. This motivates a lot. Have faith, as reading positive and uplifting thoughts slowly and gradually brings changes.

8. Let us TAKE HELP-- We can take help of those people around us who are well balanced in themselves and have crystal clear thoughts. Talking and sharing our thoughts with positive people can help us cut the negativity of our thoughts with much ease, compared to our struggling alone with our problems.

9. Let us be more social: Come out of your shell and see the world outside and observe their problems and miseries and realist how small is our own hurt and misery.

10. Let us try to solve others' problems: just try to forget about your own hurts for sometimes and think how can we help others to come out of their problems or sorrows. Try to help them to recognize their goals in life. Be part of their dreams forgetting about your own momentary desires and inspire others to something great in life. Everybody goes through ups and downs and feeling of hurt or guilt or depression, but one who comes out of it is a Real Warrior and Winner.

11. Let us now smile and have fun and learn together: Let us reach to people who need help, and spread our message to people that we are here to help them.

12. Be a part of the SOLUTION: If we try, we can surely come out with some solutions for people. Let us try to keep our body and mind in perfect shape by joining YOGA and spiritual practices like meditations.

13. Love is best medicine as ever: Love, care, affection and sharing our thoughts with depressed person can do wonders. Let us make use of this free medicine of love & caring that has magical effects and is the best and sure shot medicine of all times.

14. Last but not the least, very important point, do not feel shy to share your experiences of recovery. It is my personal experience of getting out of long time depression with the help of my friend Sanjib and his positive thought and sharing all my fears with him. So I strongly believe that anyone can come out of depression. The need is just to recognize the depression, accept it and then builds a will and a strong desire to come out of it, get cured by getting right kind of help at right time. So, feel fearless in sharing your experiences of getting cured out of this deadly disease depression.

Our sharing of coming out of depression, gives hope to many and inspire them to follow the suite to come out of their sufferings. Give hope to others, give them smiles and make your own life happier and more cheerful.

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