Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Manic Depressive Disorder Can Control a Number of Lives If It Is Allowed Too

Manic depressive disorder can control lives. If it is not properly managed it most definitely controls the life of some-one so afflicted. If it does then there is also a strong potential for it to control the lives of the friends and loved ones of the afflicted person as well. People close to someone with manic depressive disorder frequently suffer as well when an afflicted person experiences a manic episode, hypomania or a major depressive episode. However, there is definitely hope available all round.

Left to run its course manic depression can be a horrible experience. To an afflicted person hypomania often appears to be a great place to be. However, the question must be asked "In fact is this really the case?" Left untreated it generally leads onto depression or to a manic episode. Neither of these are a good place to be. This is particularly so if they are left untreated or the prescribed treatment regime is not working. Either way the afflicted person is left experiencing an extremely unpleasant mental state. Either of these states can take full control of a person's mind.

What of the friends and loved ones? They can be left watching a person they care about cruelly suffering. They are in a position which makes them feel totally helpless and without hope. They may have to stand by and watch some-one they are close to do things which they are totally unable to accept. Such actions can lead to the break-up of the relationship. Once again this does not have to be the case. There are options which can prevent this happening.

There can even be problems all round when a manic depressive person is normal. These periods of normality vary in length. They can last for a year or more. For others they almost don't exist. With ultra-rapid cycling bipolar disorder a full cycle can be experienced in a day or less. Even periods of normality can leave a number of lives being controlled by the disorder. When will the next horrible episode strike? This question can leave the afflicted one, their friends and loved ones deeply troubled by the sleeping disorder.

As indicated above there are a number of situations which can lead to a manic depressive person and their friends and loved ones lives being totally controlled by the disorder. In fact there is a way out of this situation. It is to learn to manage the disorder. This leads to you regaining control of your life. Even friends and loved ones can learn to assist you manage the disorder. Working together gives far greater ability to manage the disorder. All parties benefit if such action is taken. Obviously this is a win/win situation all round.

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