Friday, July 5, 2013

Progressive Auto Insurance Company

The Progressive Auto Insurance Company was founded in 1937. Just like most of the insurance companies and just generally all of the firms that started operating during great depression, they were quite small. In order to progress and grow they mainly targeted low-risk customers. Since that time the firm grew into one of the major auto insurance firms. They were one of the most innovative companies, introducing new and exclusive options and services that are used by all auto insurance providers even today.

Progressive company offers one of the most affordable insurance packages. They have extremely wide range of coverage's for a price that will not be too hard on your wallet. For example they have an option to suggest your own price that you are comfortable paying. After their agents are going to sort you out, by putting together the policy plan that will fit into the price range that you have indicated or at least will get as close to it as possible.

Progressive is famous for its ability to handle the claims. According to the information collected, they have the most hassle and stress free claim services. They can provide you with a body shop, allowing you to follow the progress straight from the website, offer rental cars in case the damaged vehicle is not suitable for driving yet and get all the calculations right there in front of you so you can know what goes where and why. Customer service is friendly and helpful, although there are some feedback informing us that they often refer clients to their website.

Progressive auto insurance company has extremely easy website to use. For one thing you don't have to go to any other party website to compare the quotes as you can do that with them for free as well. Even if other companies' rates are lower, you will be recommended to check with their competitors. Not only that but pretty much everything is automated, which means that you can even build your own policy yourself, without the help of the agent.

As mentioned before they have rather large choice of the coverage plans and specials available. Obviously it is very dependent in which state you are located, as in some states rates might be extremely high with Progressive and in some they are rock-bottom cheap. For purchasing policies online you get a discount, for paying upfront, having multiple cars insured or just getting life and house insurance, it will all reduce the premiums for you. They do have accident forgiveness for three years of safe driving. They also have nice bonuses like insuring your pet up to $1000 for the veterinary charges in case of the accident for free.

One can say that Progressive auto insurance company is a smart choice. The premiums are decent and it is perfectly suitable for those who would rather deal with the auto insurance company via internet. They are affordable, convenient and are famed for their excellent history of dealing with claims.

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