Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Benefits of Treating Depression Naturally

Many people are looking for ways of treating depression naturally, due to high medication costs and increased concern about side effects.

Depression affects about 19 million Americans each year, resulting in an abundance of prescription medications and treatment options. However, with the recent growing popularity and acceptance of natural remedies, many people are considering non-pharmaceutical ways of dealing with depression.

It is important to note that natural remedies, or non-medicinal forms of treatment, are most effective on mild to moderate cases of depression and may not be an appropriate substitute to prescription medication in more severe instances.

If you are battling depression and want to consider alternative forms of treatment, natural remedies can provide many benefits not offered by traditional medications.

1. Lower Cost: Many natural remedies are effective, easy to implement, and are generally much more affordable than prescription medications. Also, several forms of intervention, such as exercise or diet change, may require little or no cost at all while still providing significant benefits.

2. Safer: The adverse side effects associated with most depression medications have been well documented, and include such things as weight issues, agitation, headaches, nausea, and increased thoughts of suicide. Often, these side effects are so severe that many people will stop taking the medication; however, discontinuing use is frequently accompanied by symptoms of withdrawal. Treating depression naturally provides an effective, safe, and non-addictive alternative with fewer unfavorable side effects.

3. Improved Physical Health: Exercise is a recommended addition to any depression treatment program. Physical activity causes the body to release mood enhancing endorphins that help counteract both fatigue and negative thinking, as well as improving cardiovascular health. Also, implementing certain diet changes has been found to be an effective way to combat depression. Eating mood elevating foods, avoiding sugar and alcohol, and increasing your intake of omega 3s and vitamins B and D, will not only fight depression, but will also restore the body's chemical balance, improve immunity, and strengthen bones. And when you feel better, you will get out and do more, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of social interaction.

4. Reduced Stress: Feelings of depression have often been attributed to excessive stress. There are many natural ways to manage this stress, including yoga, meditation, relaxation therapy, exercise programs, and counseling. Most prescription depression drugs simply mask the problem by treating the symptoms, rather than dealing with the underlying cause. In this way, you will not truly recover since the symptoms will return when you stop taking the medication. Finding a way to manage stress, focusing on the moment, and learning to handle difficult situations properly will improve your attitude as well as helping you relax and sleep better.

Treating depression naturally can be both effective and affordable, and comes with many inarguable benefits. It is important that you consult with a professional to make sure that you begin the treatment program that is best for you.

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