Thursday, July 4, 2013

Boost Self-Esteem, Banish Depression

Do you know someone who is always pessimistic and negative? Always looking at the glass as half empty? Maybe it's you. It's time to think about turning those negative thoughts into positive thoughts, because one's thoughts are the basic building blocks that over time create one's attitude-and the more negative your attitude, the more numerous will be the negative things that you will attract-which will only reinforce your negative attitude. But, fortunately, the opposite is also true: the more positive you are, the more positive your life will be.

Do you ever find that if you start the day with something frustrating happening, the rest of your day turns out badly? That's because you held on to the negative nature of whatever happened. The way you hold on to it is by speaking of it to others or keeping it in your thoughts. By saying things like, "It's been one of those mornings," your mind is set in a direction which will-if not corrected-ensure that you do have "one of those days," when in fact it was just a few bad moments.

The longer you hold on to a negative thought, the more nasty relatives it gathers to set up shop in your mind. It's like the proverbial snowball that keeps getting bigger and bigger. Or a weed which seeds the ground with more weeds.

Are you telling yourself that you are just not talented enough to make your dreams come true? Banish those thoughts immediately and begin to tell a new story: think thoughts that are empowering, uplifting, and energizing. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. Go for it and give it everything you got because you CAN make it happen!

Frank Lloyd Wright said it well: "The thing always happens that you really believe in: and the belief in a thing makes it happen." You must believe you can do it, or you will not, and you must see it happening in your mind, or you will not see it happen in your life.

Don't let thoughts of destruction enter your mind. If you let thoughts of doubt and fear in, they will plant more seeds of an undesirable nature which will end up tearing you down. You must not let this happen!

At all times picture yourself healthy, speak of yourself as strong, refer to yourself as capable. Believe in yourself. Have faith in your ability. You really can achieve anything you set out to do. Go forward with a 'can do' attitude. Picture yourself succeeding and get fired up! Get excited about your future! There are great things in store for you if you believe.

When negative thoughts come into your mind, shoot them down by canceling them out. Think of something positive as quickly as possible and don't carry on in the direction of where the previous thought was trying to take you. Do not allow negativity to dwell in your mind. These thoughts are, quite simply, not welcome.

Stay focused on your goal and do not lose sight of it. Every step you take in the right direction will cause the level of belief you have within yourself to surge. Re-program your mind by talking to yourself using kind words. The truth is, you are talented and bright, and you DO have what it takes to succeed in anything, and everything that you undertake.

So go for it. Start believing in yourself and don't let anything hold you back: especially not yourself. I believe in you?

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