Friday, July 5, 2013

Khalil Gibran Quotes: Manifesting Your Dreams With Desire!

"All that spirits desire, spirits attain." - Khalil Gibran

What is your dream? Has it come true? Are you manifesting your dreams? Are you manifesting your desires? If your answer is "No", then why not?

You want to manifest your dreams and you absolutely will, but only when you understand the nature of desire and the energy you are made from.

In this universe energy takes all forms. Everything you know in your physical life is energy. A tree is made from elements, that are formed by atoms, that are formed by protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons and neutrons are formed by quarks. Electrons are formed by quasi-particles which are basically light energy. If you break any object down far enough it is all made of the same stuff! So the energy that pervades a tree, a dog, a rock or you and I, is all the same! So why all the diverse creations? The answer is intelligent! Energy has desire. Every particle smaller that we can fathom has intelligence and we are composed of this intelligent, loving, abundant and creative energy! All of that intelligent energy creates everything we know of in the cosmos.

People these days hardly understand their own desires. People shape their desires based on television ads, internet ads, radio ads, the opinions of peers, trends, objects which offer superficial fulfillment and the basest of animal cravings. The sad part is very few even understand themselves. Very few listen to the desire of the energy that they are created from. This intelligent energy, that combined to make you, is who you are. This energy has combined with a purpose to fulfill. When you align your dreams with the desire of this energy that is when you are the happiest, the most energetic, the most creative and the most powerful.

When you feel melancholy, depressed, angry, or just plain bad you are suffering from a lack of energy. To some, this is obvious. What is not obvious is that these feelings are telling you that you are not in alignment with your creative intelligent energy. Your emotions and energy levels are telling you whether or not you are in alignment with your desires. This is never more apparent than when we lose someone we love. We feel tired, we are sad and miserable. This is because our desire is to have those we love here where we can experience life together. When they pass on they leave our desire unfulfilled. Thus our energy is not aligned with what is and we are left energetically depressed.

Manifesting Your Dreams:

So search for your best feelings, find your passions in life, seek out beauty and focus on these things. The process of you searching for your best and healthiest feelings is how you understand what you were meant to do with your life. You will naturally align with what will fulfill you the most. If it does not bring you joy it is not your calling. Listen to yourself. Know yourself. When you do this you will be unstoppable in the manifesting of your dreams with desire!

When Khalil stated that, "All spirits desire, spirits attain." He was absolutely correct. Spirit never waivers nor does the intelligent energy waiver. It is only the vacillating and fickle mind of man, that bounces from desire to desire. Thus leaving us to suffer without manifesting our dreams. By aligning with the energy of who we are we become fixed on our true desire and begin manifesting our dreams with our desire!

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