Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Discover Four Reasons Why Inspirational Poems Are Just Irresistible

It was just after noon when the young President's limousine made its way into a depository. He had stopped twice to shake hands with some nuns and school children. Suddenly, shots were fired; and at 1 p.m. President Kennedy was proclaimed dead.

Overnight, the number of inspirational poetry written about the president and the assassination that were received by the press could make up a few volumes of books. The question is, why poetry? Why not other forms of writing? What do you gain from writing or even reading one?

Let's discover why poems are just irresistible during time of confusion and hardships.

It makes you feel better inside.

When we experience difficult time in our lives, sometimes we say that words just couldn't express our feeling. That's exactly right - if we're trying to write a sentence or article. But not poems. It gives you freedom to write in fragments. It let your emotions out, freely and easily.

If you look at some of the most famous poets, inspirational verses that they write are almost related to their personal grief or difficult situation they experience.

Let's take Helen Rice. Well known as the "poet laureate of inspirational verses" and famous for her motivational words, Helen Rice was writing those word of strength for her own self as well as for her readers. Those verses were written during the Great Depression when her rich young husband lost all his fortune in the stock market crash. Mounting debts forced Helen to work while her jobless and depressed husband lived in isolation and later committed suicide.

Her motivational and inspiring verses are words written not only to sooth the hearts of her readers but also to let go off the hardship that she felt inside. It was only through poems that she could channeled her voice during the hard time. Those poems actually made her feel good inside.

Inspirational poems give you hope and faith If you know any ex-soldiers who had been to war, I'd like to ask you a favor. Go and talk to any one of them. And ask them if they knew any poems. You'd be surprised if they tell you that they memorize several and had written a few.

Prisoners of wars (POW) are known to memorized poems or write one during their hard time in war camps. Apart from religious verses, poetry is another form of written words that could give them hope. It keeps their faith and more importantly their sanity!

US prisoner of war at Vietnam was known to pass along a poem called Invictus by Earnest Henley for morale boost. Meaning "unconquerable", the poem begins like this,

Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the Pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.

When you're deprived from the freedom of outside world and contact with your fellow colleague is limited, you need motivational words to strengthen your wills. Poems like Invictus are just what the doctor ordered.

It Heals Aching Hearts Nowadays, poems are being used in a few hospitals around the world as a form of therapy. Similar to art therapy, the aim is to make patients feel more open in expressing their feelings. "Difficult" patients were said to be more approachable and showed improved attitude when they were enrolled in such programs.

Poetry therapy is a form of therapy to help heals aching hearts. It helps you get rid off burden from your chest. Overall, it makes you feel better!

Poems Touches Your Heart Can you tell me how many essays touch your heart? Yes, there might be a few that makes you wept but they are hardly memorable! But it's a different thing with poems. It's easily memorable and makes you want top pass it along to friends.

I give you an example. Have you heard the poem called "An Interview With God"? This classic poem had touched the hearts of millions of people. The owner of a website that created a presentation of the poem had been able to distribute this poem to millions of people around the world just by word of mouth. The reason is simple - it touches people's heart. The impact of the poem is so incredible that the site owner made multimillion dollars from products derived from the poem.

Okay, I understand your problem. Some poems may make you dizzy, left you mentally tired and leaves nothing but a confused brain and tied tongue. But not all poems are like that. Most inspirational poems by poets like Edgar Guest, Ella Wheeler Wilcox and Helen Rice are easily readable but still carry strong impact and have deep message embedded in them.

Unlike an essay where you have to be concern about your grammar and paragraph, you can just express yourself freely with poems because it's just like your heart's intimate diary. If you can't write one, just read one. At this internet age, a quick search and a click of a button at the search engine is all you need to get an inspirational poem in a snap. So, tarry no more. Let's go and read one right now!

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