Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Teen Anxiety Disorder - Signs, Symptoms And Remedies To Know About

Childhood anxiety is on the short list of most-dreaded-events facing parents and families. Like complex development "sponges", kids are vulnerable to any number of incoming influences. Other kids impose tough pressures and choices on your child. School and the values culture are force-fed to your child.

Could all this "stuff" create confusion, fear through patterned repeating behavior, triggering the onset of teen anxiety disorder, phobias, escape into drug abuse, obsessive compulsive disorder, general withdrawal and anti social outlook?'s a serious and present danger for many kids.

Teen Anxiety Physical Symptom - What Parents Need To Look For. What seems like "tough" on parents is dilute compared to the growing nightmare experienced by children. The list of Bad Guy anxiety physical symptoms parents need to spot include breathing difficulties, elevated heart and pulse rate, headaches, dizziness, nausea, sleeping disorder, on-off-again eating habits along with gastrointestinal issues.

Teen Anxiety Depression Symptom - Altered Behaviors To Look For. While the physical insults of teen anxiety represent one serious class of issues, the deeper imbedded behavioral roots of anxiety depression disorder pose a greater and more complicated challenge in terms of intervention and remedy.

* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Signals. Parents cannot be too diligent in focusing attention on their kids, looking for telltale signs of obsessive compulsive disorder...a restless and fidgety obsession with minutiae that might begin innocently enough with things being in a certain place, fear of dirt and germs, eating disorders showing like bulimia.

* Anti Social "Isolating" Behavior. Increasingly, anti social behavior shows itself in a defensive and protective response to growing fears and uncertainties. "Keeping the world out", isolating herself within a "safety" zone of her bedroom or other safe spot becomes her number 1 concern, and obsession.

* Denial Of Self - Drift Into Dream State Filled With Anxiety Panic Attack. Deeper yet grows anxiety depression in your child's mind, where they begin the process of self-denial, where they separate out themselves in a form of ongoing abstraction, de-personalizing themselves. What is your child feeling? Like they're beginning to go mad, a feeling like they've begun to drift away from their very self

Teen Anxiety Disorder Medication - Psychiatric Drugs And Impacts. Stress hormones like cortisol along with other physical and psychiatric symptoms have drawn millions of troubled teens and their agitated parents into a new experience with powerful mood-altering psychiatric drugs.

* Major Classes Of Prescription Anxiety Medicine. The chemistry is complex, however parents need to know the generalities of these profound mood-altering anxiety medicine include beta blockers, anti depressants, mild tranquilizers, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, anti convulsants and benzodiazepines such as brand labels Xanax or Valium or Librium.

* Drug Strengths And Target Focus Area. These psychiatric drugs are all about intensity and neural targeting. Drug strength, like carbon dating, is measured in "half life strengths". Parents need to ask, and understand, the basic targeting scope of a particular drug.

* Anxiety Medicine Side Effects. Serious drugs carry serious user risks. While 70% of the user population may experience more-or-less gratifying and stabilizing results, continued drug use sets up a teen or adult for drug-dependency...which is polite talk for drug addiction. Withdrawal creates its own personal hell, unless a months-long carefully managed program of incremental tapering in usage is carried out. Meanwhile, kids and adults may experience intense withdrawal symptoms, with anxiety panic attacks, confusion, sleep disorders, eating disorder and weight loss, mental confusion, muscle cramping, diarrhea, and more.

Considering Non Prescription Teen Anxiety Herb Remedies. Before modern pharmacology dominated the treatment scene, people relied exclusively on plant kingdom remedies and support groups. Botanicals including rosemary, ginseng, St. John's Wort, kava and others have been shown in modern British side-by-side studies with pharmacy drugs to have substantially similar positive intervention potentials, with none of the negative side-effects of anxiety disorder medication.

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