Monday, March 11, 2013

Beat the Stress - Laugh at Short Funny Jokes

Stress is a staple part of life. Contrary to popular belief, stress can actually come from almost every situation whether they bring excitement, happiness, sadness of anxiety. What makes this a thing of complexity is that stress actually differs from person to person. On the other hand, no matter how complicated the math of stress may be, the mere act of laughing at short funny jokes, expressing feelings, and smiling could release one of the perils of stress.

Stress' effect on the body is contingent upon its intensity. In small quantities, stress can be a source of productivity and motivation. However, too much of it could yield adverse emotional, physical and mental effects for a person. In fact, experiencing too much stress could result to depression, heart disease and infection. It is also said to be one of the causes of overeating, alcoholism, and drug abuse. Fluctuating emotional states, low blood sugar, heart diseases, and overactive thyroids are also believed by science to be some effects of stress.

The fast-paced world clouded by the pressures of work and the demands of living compounds stress. This is why spa and sauna businesses have been a booming industry in the recent years because people are made to believe that availing their services is the only effective means to de-stress. However, there is no need to go on a money splurging activity to relieve stress. Here are some simple ways by which you could deal with stress without having to burn some cash.

1. Learn to smile.
Don't undermine the power of smiling. Take every opportunity to flash that million dollar smile. As surprising as it may seem, smiling could actually lighten a very unpleasant situation.

2. Talk about what stresses you.
Talking about problems and sources of anxiety is a great way to release the burden of having to deal with a stressful day. It doesn't only relieve stress; it also enriches your social life and keeps you in touch with friends and family.

3. Keep a journal and write about your feelings.
There are some people who might not be that comfortable sharing their emotions to others no matter how close they are to the person. When such is the case, journal writing is the way to go. Writing about what happened during the day is a manner of cleansing oneself of all the anxieties during a hard day at work.

4. Reading a book that interests you.
Reading a good book increases your knowledge, and do well for your overall health. A really inspiring book can elicit a feeling of lightness and motivation in a person. Sometimes, it can even encourage a person to act on life-changing decisions.

5. Laughing at short funny jokes.
Studies show that 40% of people who have heart diseases are less likely to be inclined to laughing. As funny as it may seem, laughter might just be the cheapest and easiest way to relieve stress. Joking around with friends, watching funny films or TV shows and reading funny comics are cheap and fun solutions to de-stress.

Stress may be part of everyday living, but that doesn't necessarily equate to letting it through and take over. Accentuating the positive is a solution to deal with it. After all, stress is not what occurs; it's how one reacts to it.

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