Monday, March 11, 2013

Learn How to Identify the Common Warning Signs of Severe Depression

Feeling "down" and depressed from time to time is not uncommon in everyday life. As a matter of fact, having those feelings of sadness and loneliness every now and than is considered normal and is almost inevitable during a course of a lifetime.

But when those bad feelings of melancholy and sadness turn into an inseparable part of a persons life, along with sensations of guilt and worthlessness, lack of desire to eat regularly and lack of energy, it might be a warning sign of severe depression or clinical depression.

There are a few types of depression, and just as the name suggests, severe depression is the most serious one.
Clinical depression patients often suffer multiple disturbing symptoms that have a profound affect on their lives.

Warning signs:

1. Feelings of Sadness, loneliness and hopelessness for a period of at least two weeks.

2. Lack of appetite followed by a dramatic changes in body weight.

3. Difficulties in falling asleep or constant desire to stay in bad, sometimes for the entire day.

4. Severe fatigue and a low level of energy.

5. Lack of ability to concentrate and poor memory.

6. Disability to enjoy activities, that were once enjoyable.

7. The most serious warning sign is having or expressing suicidal thoughts or plans.

Clinical depression can turn into a life threatening situation if the patient does not get an immediate medical aid for his/her illness.

If any of your family members or friends is going through a stressful period in his/her life due to separation or severe trauma or due to a terminal illness such as cancer or HIV, and shows any of the warning signs mentioned above especially expressing suicidal thought or plans, you must take action immediately and make sure he/she gets an immediate medical help.

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