Monday, March 11, 2013

How To Beat Depression By Yourself

From time to time, we all have our 'down' moments. The death of a loved one, a bad day at work, even a downpour can dampen our spirits, (pun intended!). But times like these are just flashes of depression, gone as quickly as they came.

They're challenges, if you like, which you learn how to deal with. The real problems start when this depressed state continues. This is when you may meet that most disturbing condition, Clinical Depression, and you must learn how to beat depression by yourself.

The biggest of these problems is the answer to the question; why are you depressed? Everything in your life may be going along swimmingly, until you're aware that you aren't quite feeling up to par.

You try your best to keep a positive outlook on life, but without much success. A sort of; 'what's the point?' attitude starts to take you over. Most unlike you, you think. I've always been so cheerful.

You try looking at the brighter side of life, but the more you look at the brighter side, the darker it seems to become! Now's the time to start thinking about what's been happening in your life. Anything been bothering you? Even a little thing? A few cross words with a colleague at work, perhaps? Something, however small, that you've been playing over and over in your mind?

Well, yes, there was that little altercation I had with Fred a few weeks ago. Really, there was no need for him to call me that. It did upset me at the time. And, although you're not fully aware of it, the subject still upsets you. I'm not saying it's taken over your life... yet. But you still brood on it, don't you?

It seems, too, that going hand in hand with feeling 'down,' you've been feeling tired, as well. And those dreams! They're so vivid, and one after the other. Fred and I haven't spoken since and of course it was his fault, anyway. But that can't be it. Perhaps I have a virus, or something. Ought to nip into the doctor, I suppose.

Now, my friend. Virus, no. Doctor, yes. Perhaps a bit of medication that'll take the edge off this depression you're suffering, for that's what it is.

Then, face the fact that you've been brooding about Fred's comments to you. Every time you have a spare moment, the tiff you had flashes into your mind.

Then, go on, admit it. Things that happened years ago start to race through your memory, especially the bad things, the things you'd sooner forget. But they're on parade again.

Then you find it difficult even to go to work, and the hobbies you once so much enjoyed no longer bring you any gratification. So now what?

You have what they call Clinical Depression. I hate to say this, but you dug the pit all by yourself, and now you must climb out of it. No, it isn't your fault. I didn't mean it that way. What you did was quite unconscious, but now's the time to very gently free yourself from the shackles of this wretched condition.

Another problem is that you're experiencing aches and pains that you've never had before. You can't simply stay and rely on medications. So, what's the alternative?

You'll hate me, I know, but you must start to move around a bit. When these unpleasant thoughts come into your mind, do your best to think of other things. Pleasant things, and do this while going for a short walk. No-one expects you to leap around in an aerobic frenzy, but start walking and make these walks a little longer each time.

While you're at it, try to take an interest in things around you. Anything to take your mind off those things that have been besieging it for so long.

Try fiddling with your hobbies again. At least pick up your fishing rod, or mess about in your workshop a bit. The main thing is to kick those black thoughts from your mind.

Gradually, you'll find that your dreams are lessening and that you're waking up feeling more refreshed. Keep at it. It'll take time, I know, but soon you'll start to feel better. You'll begin to take an interest in your hobbies again and in life generally.

All of a sudden, you'll realize you're back to your old self again. But never look back. Keep your mind focused on the here and now, and perhaps plan for the future

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