Saturday, March 16, 2013

Keep Your Digestive System Healthy to Avoid Depression

It might seem a distant logic to assume that digestion can affect the brain-our moods and feelings of depression in particular. But, really, there is something you have to know about the digestive system besides turning all the food you eat into bolus. And it seems all the more a far out topic to discuss hormones and malabsorption in response to depression symptoms. But sometimes, it just won't hurt to try novel things. Vitamin supplements will surely do no harm to the people taking it.

The digestive system is still connected and controlled by the brain so it is safe to assume that the brain is affected by imbalances cause by malabsorption in the large intestines. You might be wondering now that in this case, what you need is Loperamide or anti-Dyspepsia tablets. But actually, simple vitamin supplements can do the job for your troubled digestion. It usually shows in various symptoms that are also the symptoms of common digestive problems so it is important to ask for professional advice before taking in anything.

Fructose and lactose intolerance might interfere with the normal processes of the body since Tryptophan Hydroxylase is essential in synthesizing Serotonin, a neurotransmitter. With a digestive system not functioning well, Tryptophan might not be absorbed and the decrease in the levels of Tryptophan in the bloodstream will consequently lead to lower level of Tryptophan passing through the different parts of the body-especially the brain.

And that is why researches are looking into the possibility of simple addressing the fructose malabsorption issues of people who complain of depression or Pre Menstrual Syndromes. After all, vitamin supplements cost less and are much safer than taking in Prozac for what seems to be a simple hormonal imbalance and not a major suicidal tendency.

Another thing is that most anti depression drugs have lots of side effects. These are rather irreversible and may not be worth the depression being cured (some patients who have taken in fluoxetine reported developing uncontrollable seizures, Parkinson's disease, and other neurological disorders). So, probably this is the time to try out alternative ways of curing depression. This underwent rigorous research so there's no need to worry about it. And, people cannot even die from an overdose of vitamin supplements since they will simply flush excess vitamins and minerals out through their urine.

So now might be the right time to go for alternative ways of treating common diseases. Millions of people all over the world are battling with depression and many more are dying from it. If there is any way the medical professionals can do to combat the leading cause of suicide among teenagers and adolescents in various parts of the globe, it is to conduct further studies on the veracity of vitamin supplements treating malabsorption and consequently helps curb depression. Once that is done, people will be able to make a choice whether to take the riskier anti depressant drugs or stick it out with an alternative medication that will not be harmful to them in any way.

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