Saturday, March 16, 2013

How To Be Happy Under Stress

With the stress that has become the part and parcel of our life today, it has become imperative for us to know how to be happy. It can be easily achieved by a simple smile. The old adage, Smile and the world smiles with you holds true even today. Or it may touch us through our relationships and love of work. Anything that gives us comfort or pleasure will teach us how to be happy.

We constantly devise methods of how to be happy. Razor-edge competition and fast paced economy leaves us with little time for ourselves. We are caught up in the rat race to win, compete, fight, and run. And in this race we forget how to be happy.

As we gradually begin to grow; wishing how to be happy in our hearts; we keep losing a track of our happiness in day to day living. Mental stress gets an aggressive hold over our lives ruled by bad health, troubled relationships, peer pressure, social responsibilities, work place conflicts, monetary problems and the never ending ambition.

The stress which drives us up the wall has taken its toll our lives both physically as well as mentally. Physically, the widely known symptoms are high blood pressure, insomnia, boredom, lack of hunger and reduced immune strength. It causes an infinite number of mental disorders like schizophrenia, depression, manic depression or severe malaise. Not even the foetus is safe. The cortisol linked to the weight of the baby, may be a potential mechanism for transmitting the mother's stress to her unborn baby.

There should be ways to decipher how to be happy under stress. The easiest way is to try to absorb only the positive moments of our lives. Search for happiness in the everyday simple events of your life. Know how to be happy with the today's achievements without self-criticism and lack of appreciation. You can de-stress simply by:-

a)Thinking of the happy memories.

b)Taking time out to build beautiful memories today.

c)Dwell your thoughts in the aroma of your favorite flower.

d)Talk to someone when any thought keeps haunting you.

f)Stop. Take a break. Breath in, breath out.

g)Organize your thoughts

If you want to know how to be happy in spite of misery and failure, always look towards finding the solution to the situation at hand instead of dwelling over it. There is a highly effective technique for instant relief from stress. Find the humor in the contents. But, it requires a brave heart to laugh over misfortune or at oneself.

The most important driving factor is your self-determination. It is when we search deep within ourselves we realize that we have the innate strength invested by Mother Nature to fight stress. And if you are still puzzled in the quest of how to be happy, just smile.

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