Thursday, March 14, 2013

Depression - 5 Steps to Recovery

Taking antidepressant medications is very common in treating depressive disorder. Self-help medications are also very common and are often recommended by therapists. Here are five steps on how to recover from depression naturally.

The first step is to take time out. It is very important to take out time to relax especially after a very stressful activity. Find a safe and peaceful environment such as the beach or park. Let the nature give a relief of depression. Go out of the house and take time to relax in a variety places. Avail of all the support other people can give. Sleep soundly. Attend counselling. Join social activities as these dilute the depression and can help a person forget the past and move to a new and better future.

The second step is to exercise. Sitting and thinking of the things that depressed a person often just worsen the situation. Take time to relax and exercise at least 30 minutes everyday. Exercising helps a person recover from depression as it releases happy hormones into the body. According to specialists, aerobic exercise is the best way to relieve depression symptoms.

Changing your diet is the third step in the recovery process. Eat well-balanced foods to help the body circulate well and distribute nutrients throughout. Avoid processed foods and eat foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meats. Researchers say that eating foods rich in Omega 3 and 6 helps depression. Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are fishes such as tuna, salmon and halibut, sea foods such as algae and krill and some plants and nut oils. Imbalanced blood sugar and insulin can also cause depression so this should be avoided. Also, avoid alcohol and other recreational drugs.

The fourth step to recover from depression is to do yoga exercises. It improves mood and functioning of the body parts. Taking three simple yoga poses a day accompanied by proper and controlled breathing is a great way to relieve depression. Researchers say that yoga, taking time to relax and doing exercises give the same benefits in depression recovery.

The fifth and final step to depression recovery is acupuncture. It originated in China and it has been said to treat depression symptoms like Western medicine and psychotherapies do. Acupuncture help in the production of natural chemicals in the body such as endorphin which is responsible for a person's mood and well-being.

Remember, people can and do make recoveries from depression and go on to lead their best lives imaginable. Seek help.

Welcome to my world. I grew up and live in a small rural town on the east coast. I am passionate and dedicated to providing resources to help others help themselves. I am embarking on a journey to tell the world that one in five of us, including myself, will suffer from depression at some point in our lives. I want to change peoples' attitudes towards depression and mental illness. My wish is that people who are suffering from depression will access the right help to enable them to recover and go on to lead the best life imaginable for them. I was fortunate to get the help I needed to live my best life imaginable. Come and join me on this great journey! We can truly make this world a better one to live in!

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